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50 U.S. Cities with the Most New Jobs

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Big opportunities in relatively small towns.  With unemployment near a ten-year low and new jobs surpassing monthly expectations, one might be wondering, “Where are all of these opportunities?” In an article for this July, writer Michael B. Sauter composed a comprehensive list of the…

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Best Practices for Relocation: Multiple Bids for Mortgage Services

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Very few people will walk into a car dealership, point to a vehicle, and say “Let’s sign a contract.” Most of us will compare the prices offered by a few area dealerships. When the salespeople know that they have competition, they begin reducing the initial…

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Reduce Relocation Expenses by Eliminating Gross-Ups

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BVO Savings The Buyer Value Option (BVO) program avoids the costly process of “grossing up” dollars used to pay for the commissions and closing costs on the sale of a transferee’s home. Typically, the commissions and closing costs associated with the sale of a transferee’s…

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CFPB rule changes may affect relocating employees

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New regulations set forth by the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau are scheduled to take effect next year, which will likely impact the corporate relocation process going forward. The financial information that buyers – or the relocated talent, in this case – have to provide to lenders is changing to give relocation management firms more time to provide help to the purchaser.

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