There are five steps you should employ when developing a global program that balances the needs of both the company and employees with regard to managing tax costs:

  1. Strategically Align Company Objectives and Employee Values
  1. Consider Tax Impacts of Likely Host Locations
  1. Choose a Tax Reimbursement Method that Best Fits, for example:
  • Tax Gross Up
  • Tax Protection
  • Tax Equalization
  • A Hybrid Solution
  1. Tax Reimbursement Policy Design
  1. Tax Reimbursement Policy Launch & Implementation

By following the five-step process outlined, you can develop a global mobility program that keeps your company compliant, reduces tax burdens, and, by saving them money, demonstrates to your relocating employees how much you appreciate them.

At Global Mobility Solution (GMS), we like to think that there is a sixth step – contacting an expert for help. In order to reach an experienced relocation policy expert, please contact us now.