How to oversee and provide support for millennial transferees

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The face of talent management is changing for a wide variety of reasons, but the impact of technology has been a particular catalyst for this evolution. Today’s new workforce wants to be a part of the new globally connected workplace. Businesses are beginning to see the value in relocation assignments in new and diverse markets, and it’s often young adults who are making the trip to a new location. Companies are investing in the future of talent mobility because millennials are

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HR innovation and talent management: A perfect pair

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The global economy is a more diverse marketplace than ever before. Workers on one end of the world can connect with employees thousands of miles away in real time thanks in part to the latest technological advances. As a result, international operations are growing, and global mobility is now an integral part of expanding business processes.

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Growth in rental market poses challenge to talent mobility

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Rental fees are increasing, thanks in part to a tightening rental property market, and renters are facing a higher prices as wage raises grow at a tepid pace. Domestic relocation may be impacted as a result, thus posing a challenge for transferees as they look to take on a new location. Companies can provide relocated talent with help before a move, but as rent in most markets continues to mature, transferees are likely to see a larger portion of their income spent toward rent.

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