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Man with gray hair and beard, wearing jacket, in front of open laptop, holding eyeglasses and gesturing with one hand; man next to him, with dark hair, wearing a jacket, looking at the man with gray hair; woman with blonde hair wearing blue shirt, holding a pen; all are Relocation Department team members sitting at a meeting table in a conference room, all wearing business professional attire, planning future global relocations and discussing pre-decision tax planning to reduce global tax obligations

Pre-Decision Tax Planning: 5 Steps You Should Take Now

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Pre-Decision Tax Planning: 5 Steps You Should Take Now Global Mobility Solutions knows the importance of pre-decision tax planning. As the pioneer of the benefits of pre-decision services, GMS understands how to identify the markers of success in relocations. Clients know that partnering with us…

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Smiling male employee, wearing blue shirt and tan pants, dark hair, standing on balcony overlooking a city, benefiting from his 2020-21 employee relocation package to a city he wants to live in

2020-21 Employee Relocation: Location, Location, Location

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2020-21 Employee Relocation: Location, Location, Location If your company’s 2020-21 employee relocation plans require a mix of new hires and current employee transferees, how can you be sure you will attract the most highly qualified candidates? Many job seekers are looking for career opportunities. However,…

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Three generations in family, grandson, grandfather, and son, all benefitted from special needs relocation services that helped find resources for elder care

Special Needs Relocation Services: A Compassionate Approach

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Special Needs Relocation Services: A Compassionate Approach Many GMS clients have transferees who require special needs relocation services. Sometimes the need is for a family member who will be relocating with the transferee. Other times, the need is for the transferee. Pre-decision services help employers…

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Smiling father with glasses, dark hair, and wearing a white shirt, holding young smiling daughter with long dark hair, both looking at GMS Video Destination Spotlights as they consider a relocation opportunity

Video Destination Spotlights Show Transferees Their New Location

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Video Destination Spotlights Show Transferees Their New Location Video Destination Spotlights from Global Mobility Solutions’ MyRelocation® Technology Platform are an ideal solution. These spotlights show candidates and transferees all of the positive aspects of their new location. Visually demonstrating an area’s attractions, activities, and highlights…

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