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Pre-decision best practices Relocation best practices are to use pre-decision interviews and services to better prepare relocation candidates and their families for mobile assignments.

Pre-Decision and Best Practices for Global Mobility

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Pre-decision Best Practices: Why do many companies have a 50% rate for assignment rejection? It is primarily because the potential transferees do not have a clear understanding of the destination location and the support available for their families. Assignment rejection and failure can be very…

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Global Mobility Solutions Pre-Decsion Programs overcoming reluctance

Overcoming a Reluctance to Move

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Overcoming Reluctance – Relocating one’s self – and in some cases one’s family – to a new, unfamiliar location can be a stressful, frightening experience, regardless the financial opportunity. A recent Worldwide ERC study evidenced that “Family resistance to move” was cited as the overwhelming…

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