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Woman with long brown hair, wearing face mask and gloves, cleaning a computer screen as she prepares for her company’s returning workforce

Returning Workforce: Tips to Help Bring Employees Back to the Office

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Returning Workforce: Tips to Help Bring Employees Back to the Office Across the working world, many employers need to prepare for their returning workforce. Employees may have been working from home for several weeks or even a few months due to COVID-19 restrictions. Some offices…

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Man wearing blue jeans and striped t-shirt, with gray hair and dark beard, standing on a ladder, woman with dark hair holding a child in her arms, man is hanging photos on wall after their move during COVID COVID-19

Ensuring a Safe Household Goods Move During COVID-19

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Ensuring a Safe Household Goods Move During COVID-19 If you need to schedule a household goods (HHG) move during COVID-19, you are not alone. Millions of people move every year, and the month of May is often the start of the busy moving season. In…

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Male business traveler wearing a suit and tie with white shirt, handing his passport and documents to a border control agent during an emergency repatriation

Emergency Repatriation? GMS Experts Provide Guidance for Any Situation

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Emergency Repatriation? GMS Experts Provide Guidance for Any Situation Sometimes situations such as an emergency repatriation can present difficult challenges for even a seasoned relocation management professional. Such was the case on a recent request for assistance from a client. A small group of their…

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Man with beard and dark hair, licensed professional appraiser with glasses and blue jacket, talking to two homeowners, a woman in blue shirt with blonde hair and a man in blue check shirt with dark hair and beard, about their home relocation appraisal

What is a Home Relocation Appraisal?

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What is a Home Relocation Appraisal? Transferees participating in a home sale as part of their relocation package often submit to a Home Relocation Appraisal process. Since “Appraisal” is part of this term, transferees may think this will be an indicator of their home’s market…

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Two coworkers looking at a computer screen, one with blonde hair, beard, mustache, wearing white shirt, the other with dark hair, beard, mustache, wearing blue shirt, discussing centralization advantages

Centralization Advantages: What You Should Know

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Centralization Advantages: What You Should Know Companies benchmarking their relocation policies often learn about many centralization advantages that can be obtained by moving away from a decentralized business model for their relocation program. Often a company’s decentralized relocation program develops over time through business mergers…

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