Government Services

Global Mobility Solutions provides government services for MRINetwork and Recruiter Relocation.

Government Services

Discounted Pricing

GMS offers highly leveraged agreements with the nation’s leading transportation companies. Our platform places acute focus on “best value”, providing aggressive discounts while maximizing the total move experience.

Global Scope

Our Move Management program is capable of providing high-quality service anywhere in the world.

Customer Advocacy

GMS provides the added benefit of an objective customer advocate in the form of a Move Coach. Our Move Coach is a seasoned transportation specialist who serves as a single point of coordination throughout the entire move on behalf of the transferee.

Multiple Estimates

The GMS Move Coach will also coordinate and review multiple move estimates with the transferee. All estimates are “guaranteed not to exceed”.

Valuation Protection & Insurance

GMS offers free shipment protection coverage up to $75,000 for U.S. Domestic shipments. We also offer a leading, comprehensive International insurance Program.

Claims Assistance

The GMS Move Coach will work to ensure timely and equitable claims processing.

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Pre-Decision Services

GMS pre-decision services are designed to assist companies with selecting candidates best suited to relocate. Candidate assessments, market analysis, and cost estimates are just a few relocation services GMS provides to ensure successful placement.

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North America Relocation

Global Mobility Solutions provides award-winning services to make managing your corporate relocation program easy and cost-effective. We guide your mobile employees through every step of their move so that they arrive at their destinations on time, relaxed, and ready to work.

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Global Relocation

Global Mobility Solutions helps you overcome the unique challenges of global corporate relocation. By providing services like virtual spotlights, language and cultural training, immigration and visa solutions, and more, GMS ensures that you get the right talent in the right place for the right price.

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