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Most Common Forms of Pre-Decision Tools Utilized
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Pre-Decision Services

As an original pioneer of pre-decision, Global Mobility Solutions knows putting in the extra effort early in the relocation process delivers quantifiable results for productivity and cost reduction.

The use of pre-decision services has emerged in the mobility industry as a critical tool in the retention of an organization’s talent. Our corporate clients will tell you that the implementation of this program for both a domestic move and a global assignment results in employees that start work sooner, stay longer, and are a better fit in the corporate culture. Our systems and processes; including high-touch customer service, policy expertise, benchmarking, and flexible reporting options allow clients to manage employee relocation programs with better ease and efficiency.

Organizational Benefit
  • Reduce failed relocations and increase job acceptance ratios.
  • Accurately budget and minimize surprises.
  • Eliminate risk of non-acceptance by the transferee/assignee.
  • Streamline area orientations.
  • Minimize policy exceptions.
  • Identifies candidates unable or unwilling to relocate, efforts are re-focused on viable options.
  • Reveal facts regarding concerns and issues prior to relocation. ( i.e. cultural differences or family concerns)
  • Proven cost savings.

Employee Benefits
  • Personal support and attention from global relocation industry professionals.
  • Thorough orientation tours for their families, including school assistance, standard housing, recreation and cultural overviews.
  • Expert counsel and assistance regarding all aspects and impacts of relocation before the relocation decision is determined.
  • A dedicated consultant available to discuss any concerns they may have.

Pre-decision tools include global and domestic spotlights to provide detailed information about destination locations.