Employee Pre-Decision Services

With GMS’ Pre-Decision Service, we strive to make the relocation process as smooth as possible for both the hiring authorities and potential transferees. By working closely with the hiring authorities, we ensure that all parties are fully informed before making any decisions regarding relocation or hiring. This collaborative approach not only helps in making the right choice but also improves family buy-in.

We understand that relocating can be a daunting task, especially for families. We have developed specialized technology, MyRelocation® and Match, Track & Move®, to address concerns and provide valuable insights to employees and their families. These tools offer a comprehensive overview of the relocation process, allowing employees to have a clear understanding of what to expect.

MyRelocation® provides a user-friendly platform where employees can access all the necessary information about their move. Employees can explore various aspects of their new location, from finding suitable housing options to understanding the local community. This helps them feel more at ease and enables them to make informed decisions about their relocation.

Match, Track & Move® is another innovative tool that simplifies relocation. It matches employees with the most suitable housing options based on their preferences and requirements. Additionally, it allows employees to track the progress of their move, ensuring transparency and reducing any uncertainties. This tool also coordinates transportation services such as van line brokerage, which involves moving vans, trucking companies, and rental truck companies.

This tool streamlines the relocation process by providing a one-stop solution for employees. By matching them with suitable housing options and allowing them to track the progress of their move, the tool offers peace of mind and eliminates any potential stress. In addition to these services, Match, Track & Move® also provides real estate referral services, personal relocation services, corporate relocation services, and transportation referral services. This comprehensive approach ensures that every relocation assignment is handled efficiently and effectively. With the added convenience of providing insight into insurance, financial, and real estate services, employees can rest assured that their move will be handled professionally.

A well-informed and supported relocation process at GMS leads to higher acceptance rates and reduces overall spending from failed relocations. By providing employees and their families with the necessary tools and support, we aim to alleviate any concerns and make the transition to a new location as seamless as possible.

With our Pre-Decision Service and specialized technology, GMS is committed to ensuring a positive relocation experience for employees and hiring authorities. We understand the importance of making the right decision and strive to provide the necessary resources to facilitate a successful relocation. Let us take care of the details so you can focus on what matters most – a smooth and successful transition.

Needs Based Relocation Assessment

A dedicated Relocation Coach reviews the policy/program with the employee, conducts a needs assessment, answers questions and provides valuable insight at the employee and company level, prior to acceptance. 

Salary & Cost Estimates

Compares salaries based on origin and destination area demographics. We also provide a relocation cost estimate customized to the candidate’s policy tier, including the details of their specific relocation.

City Reports & Destination Packets

GMS’ City Reports provide a cost of living analysis of cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, climate, demographics, and other vital information. Destination packets are customized for the employee outlining all relevant information on the destination area that they might find of interest. This can include information on schools, places of worship, daycare, doctor’s offices, and hospitals.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.

Broker Market Analysis

Determines local market conditions, the potential length of time to sell the employee’s home, and the agent’s marketing strategy. While not a comprehensive inspection, this report provides further insight into any factors affecting marketability.

Mortgage Calculator & Approval

Our flexible relationships with top mortgage providers give your employee pre-approval results in a timely manner. Any hesitation regarding the purchase of a new home is removed and special mortgage programs are identified for the relocation. Additionally, payments and interest can be calculated utilizing our mortgage calculator.


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