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U.S. & Canadian Relocation Services

Domestic Relocation Management Services

For over three decades, Global Mobility Solutions (GMS), has been assisting companies to build successful employee mobility programs. We are here to provide domestic relocation services to meet the challenges of today with the solutions of tomorrow. As its industry’s leader, GMS takes the time to understand your business. 

From there, we help customize a comprehensive range of domestic relocation packages based on your company’s unique needs. GMS will address your relocation challenges with world-class services. We are here to help from the pre-decision stage to the final destination arrival. 

The GMS team has extensive and unmatched experience providing domestic relocation assistance to companies. We firmly believe that the success of our services can be measured by how well your organization’s objectives are met. We base these beliefs on factors like employee retention, meeting budget guidelines, minimizing disruptions, and ensuring transferee satisfaction. GMS’ specialties include but are certainly not limited to:

– Policy development, zero-fee relocation consulting and benchmarking

– Risk avoidance and compliance

– Global service delivery capability

– Decision-making support to maximize acceptances

– Robust tools and technology that ensure efficient communication

– Total management of the relocation process

– Expense management, payroll, and tax services

– Relocation programming customization

– A performance metrics and service reporting

GMS aims to create domestic relocation policies that remain competitive against other RMCs. We make sure that we accomplish this while also maintaining your budget goal for overall cost. We provide policy recommendations as requested, industry trends, policy comparisons, and annual checkups. 

Policy recommendations consider the key drivers that are integral to your program’s success. After which we can benchmark the policy provisions against that of your competitors.

In addition, GMS is committed to providing our perspective on global thought leadership. This is a cornerstone of our ongoing client engagement and retention strategies. Our command of emerging and newly established trends, insights, and practices, provides helpful analysis for corporate leaders.

How GMS Keeps Domestic Relocation Costs Affordable

The GMS network model is an innovative approach to relocation management, allowing us to induce competition within our supplier base. With our multiple-bid process, GMS is able to gather quotes with lower prices and heightened service quality levels. We collect these quotes from a robust supply of mobility vendors.

Each key service includes a dual-bid process that ensures the most competitive pricing available. This covers services such as shipment of household goods, booking corporate housing, travel, or other key services. You can rely on GMS to ensure the best price (direct cost) possible 100% of the time. 

In addition to our dual-bid approach, GMS also reviews our supplier pricing rates on a quarterly to an annual basis. Our team does this to ensure competitiveness by service and is specific to relocating markets. These two approaches provide GMS clients with an umbrella cost savings coverage while enhancing the quality of each domestic relocation.

Pre-Decision Consulting

GMS assists with the pre-decision process by proving a variety of informational materials to help in the relocation decision. Some informational services will include city reports, destination information such as schools, religious facilities, daycare, doctors, etc. At the same time we also provide salary and moving cost calculations, employee policy counseling and a variety of services to prepare for the sale and purchase of a home.

Departure Services

In addition to the initial relocation policy counseling session, GMS offers departure relocation support services that range from lease break, home marketing and sales assistance to moving services, expense tracking, and more.

Destination Services

Our relocation services continue all the way to the destination where we assist employers and employees with area tours, in finding their new home, temporary living solutions, and settling in assistance. GMS also offers comprehensive career assistance and resources in the new destination for spouses and partners.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.


This post is also available in: Español Français हिन्दी

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