Global Assignment

Global Assignment Services

GMS is with the employee every step of the way to simplify the relocation process, provide critical information at the right moments, and serve as a single point of coordination.

Assignment Management Coordination

Each assignee is assigned a dedicated Global Assignment Manager (GAM) who will conduct a comprehensive needs assessment; determining the assignee’s needs within the realm of their policy. The GAM offers assistance with all of the services provided and acts as the single point of accountability for the entire relocation. They will act as the coordinator of all of the services and manage the providers along the way.

Visa & Immigration Services

GMS will provide organization and collaboration of client documentation and manage the entire visa and immigration process. Upon request, we can track and obtain visa renewals, extensions, and cancellations, as well as assist the employee and family members in obtaining and/or canceling work permits, residency cards, visas, and registrations at appropriate consulates.

Cultural & Language Training

GMS manages these valuable programs, which have been proven to help reduce the risk of failure in global assignments. There are many program options available in both home and host location, as well as virtually. Language and culture preparation can help smooth the transition for the entire family.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.

Education & Spouse/Partner Assistance

GMS provides an education specialist to help determine your children’s needs in order to find the most suitable schools. The assignee can focus on their new position with the assurance that their children are securely placed in a school that meets their particular skill set and needs. GMS will also manage the provider enlisted to help with the assignee’s spouse or partner to settle into the host country. This program has many levels of assistance, but overall assists in guiding the partner with valuable networking, resume building and work or volunteer activities. GMS can also provide services and assistance such as maintaining certifications and preparing for a career upon assignment return.

Home Finding Assistance

The Global Assignment Manager will work with the home-finding provider to help the assignee in finding the right place to call home during their assignment. The destination consultant will actively participate in setting up appointments with landlords, local properties and agents to ensure a wide variety of housing for each assignee. Additional assistance is also provided for walk-through procedures and to ensure the assignee understands the lease and move-in details.

Vehicle Purchase or Leasing Assistance

One of the most difficult things about moving globally is the lack of established credit in the host country, which causes problems when purchasing a vehicle. GMS will provide assistance with the lease and/or purchase of an automobile. This service will help your assignee save time and resources by beginning the process prior to arriving in the host country.


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