Corporate Group Moves

Group Move Planning

Proper execution of a group move requires careful consideration, planning and measurable objectives such as acceptance rates, retention of talent, and adherence to budget guidelines.

Policy Development

Our team will help you to develop a competitive and cost effective group move policy using industry benchmarks and following best practices to ensure the highest degree of success. Our relocation experts provide full support for your group move team from initial concept to implementation, and finally to full execution of the move. We help ensure your company can reach its corporate objectives while providing excellent service and peace of mind to your relocating employees.

Planning & Pre-Decision

GMS provides a full complement of resources to assist your company with its group move. Our team will work with you to develop employee education sessions and presentations. We will also create onsite and online resource centers where employees can find information about the move. Additional helpful resources include detailed destination spotlights, cost of living analysis, school reports, budgetary cost estimates, orientation tours, home sale analysis (BMA), travel services, candidate expense tracking, and expense tracking/management.

Acceptance & Retention

Establishing a healthy relocation acceptance rate for your group move starts with understanding your business needs across all disciplines. This typically includes the identification of the critical positions and talent needed for the success of your business operations. GMS excels in providing services that are unique in a group move scenario, allowing our teams to have a positive impact on your employees by providing as much information as possible to address the specialized needs of their families. If the stress factors of a group move are fully addressed upfront, your organization can expect to see higher acceptance ratios and more satisfied employees.

Technology & Reporting

GMS empowers your group move management team with a range of robust online resources through our proprietary MyRelocation® Technology platform. These solutions include mobile applications for anytime and anywhere access, online initiation forms, a tiered approval process, real-time reporting and dashboards, customized on demand reporting, and payroll system integrations.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.


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