Mission and values

Mission Statement

"Deliver unparalleled value to our clients and personalized relocation services to our customers through modern mobility solutions."

"Deliver unparalleled value to our clients and personalized relocation services to our customers through modern mobility solutions."

GMS Core Values

  • Honesty / Integrity … always treat coworkers and customers with integrity and respect, listen to all sides before jumping to conclusions or making a decision, and follow the golden rule.
  • Teamwork … commit to being part of the solution and not part of the problem, earn the trust of teammates by doing the best possible job, and put aside personal agendas for the good of the team.
  • Growth … always put our best face forward to represent GMS in a positive light, contribute ideas and opportunities to grow the company, and keep focused on our goals.
  • Commitment … maintain a positive and professional attitude, commit to giving 100% every day, and uphold the values of the company.

Service Pledge

  • A professional, technically competent and customer-focused staff of dedicated relocation coaches.
  • Timely, streamlined and accurate communication to create a seamless environment in which our services are delivered.
  • A secure and confidential, yet innovative and entrepreneurial work environment.
  • A completely unencumbered and transparent network of supplier/partners representing the “best of the best” in their respective fields.
  • A bundle of pre-hire decision-making tools at no cost.
  • A flexible approach with regard to content and format of all reporting requirements.

Social Responsibility

Environmental Awareness

Global Mobility Solutions has a strong commitment to environmental conservation to help to protect our environment for future generations. We make a conscientious effort to purchase recycled and environmentally friendly products – from our marketing materials to our office supplies. All discarded office documents are shredded and recycled. Our employees voluntarily developed a recycling program for all other recyclables, where they take turns bringing them to the city’s drop off center. Additionally, GMS recycles all of its printer’s toner cartridges and light bulbs. GMS partners with vendors who provide environmentally friendly alternatives for packing and transportation of household goods, are environmentally conscious, and follow FIDI outlined procedures.

Charitable Contributions

GMS and its employees are actively involved in the community. We coordinate and participate in several charity events each year. Some of the organizations we have worked with to help others and eliminate hunger include the Move For HungerPhoenix Rescue Mission, the Child’s Crisis Center, St. Mary’s Food Bank, the City of Hope, and the American Cancer Society.

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