Global Pre-Decision

International Pre-Decision Services

Our clients know that partnering with us at the start of the relocation process helps identify the markers of a successful relocation and greatly enhances transferee productivity. Our wide range of services help clients identify those employees who are the best fit for the assignment. Relocation technologies and systems let clients manage employee relocation programs with ease

Candidate Assessment

GMS’ candidate selection program predicts whether the global assignment will be a success or a failure by focusing on the critical global competencies. Helps your assignees prepare and get a better feel about a potential global assignment.

Orientation Tours

A visit scheduled for your assignees designed to simulate daily life in the host country, provide information on key areas of interest and highlight available accommodations. GMS will coordinate the trip with our local providers and create an itinerary to ensure the pre-assignment visit is a successful one.

Cost Projections

Calculates all costs associated with the employee’s move, from pre-departure through repatriation, including all relocation services, fees, travel and direct provider costs, taxes, cost of living and salary, as applicable.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.

Education & Cultural Assessments

Comprehensive consultation with the relocating family and follow-up with a focus on general school and education issues of most concern to relocating families. We will also coordinate the analysis of selected global candidates for cultural adaptation assessments, specific to key characteristics and personality traits.


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