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Global Relocation Services

Global relocation services have never been more important to corporations on the move. Corporate global mobility services for international companies in today’s competitive environment need to be customized in their approach to modern workforce mobility challenges.

We design and optimize global relocation services and programs through competitive benchmarking and workforce mobility best practices by using a consultative approach to corporate global and delivering programs customized to your organization.


Global Program Management

Our full suite of global program management services includes program and policy reviews to help educate employees on new policies, policy benchmarking and implementation to ensure competitiveness in your program, cost containment reviews to identify and quantify mobility cost, global group move services for 10 or more employees, relocation implementation and transition through our network of suppliers and document development to help enhance every aspect of your operation.

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Global Pre-Assignment

Pre-Assignment services help clients and candidates ensure successful relocations and GMS has the knowledge and expertise to help your company assess candidates for assignments and provide your employees with the best relocation experience possible. Our pre-assignment services include candidate assessments, orientation tours simulating life in the new host country, projections of costs and fees, and education and adaptation assessments for employees and families.

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Global Assignment

Global assignments are incredibly helpful for helping businesses achieve organizational objectives and mobility goals. GMS employs a number of best practices to ensure these international assignments are smooth and efficient. We assign each employee an assignment management coordinator to offer assistance with all services provided. GMS assists with visa and immigration services, cultural and language training and also offer education, vehicle and home finding assistance for families.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.


GMS manages and provides consultation on the exit procedures from the host country to assist with country specific departure needs such as lease terminations, deposit recoveries, refurbishment assistance, utility and local membership terminations, as well as the cancellation of any local de-registrations.

We also offer repatriation training to the assignee and their family to assist in their reintegration into their home culture.


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