What is an Industry Benchmarking Study?Benchmarking

Global Mobility Solutions’ benchmarking project consists of data from various industry sources and live policy studies that are updated on an annual basis.

Our clients use their GMS mobility benchmarking study to determine whether their company’s relocation policies are designed following industry-specific best practices.

Ensuring a company’s relocation program is following best practice is critically important to supporting goals for business expansion and the successful achievement of corporate objectives. It also ensures a company maintains a competitive edge in talent acquisition and management.

Why is Benchmarking Your Relocation Policy Important?

Industry best practice shows that employers should benchmark their relocation policy every 12 to 18 months to ensure your company remains competitive with your industry peers. A thorough benchmark will also help you learn about how workforce mobility is changing in your specific industry to meet higher employee expectations for relocations.

Most employers understand their relocation program impacts several departments throughout their organization. As the competitive landscape changes in their industry as well as in the relocation industry, the importance of why employers should benchmark their relocation policy becomes increasingly clear.

What Types of Industries are Covered in These Studies?

GMS’ data sources include hundreds of industries, and new studies are being published on a continual basis. A few of the major industry studies available for client review include:

     Advertising and Marketing




     Communication Services and Utilities

     Construction and Civil Engineering


     Consumer Services




     Food and Beverage







     Transportation and Logistics

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