MyRelocation® Technology

Mobility Management – Anytime and Anywhere!

Manage and track your employee’s relocation through MyRelocation® technology by Global Mobility Solutions. This industry-leading relocation technology is designed to streamline your company’s relocation management. Our clients use this technology to provide the most successful relocation programs, enabling them to remain industry leaders and employers of choice among a mobile workforce.

Relocation Technology Designed For the Transferee

GMS’ relocation technology provides everything your employees need. Transferees can manage and track their relocation via MyRelocation® technology’s easy-to-use dashboard. Employees can keep up to date on benefits, connect with their relocation coach, and even check on important dates. Our award-winning technology is a helpful and robust resource for employees, with its intuitive user interface and simple to navigate menu design and features.

  • View and track initiated services
  • View initiated service progress
  • Submit expenses online
  • Connect with their relocation coach
  • Access relocation benefit details
  • Track payment history
  • Download helpful relocation guides
  • Access relocation tools and calculators

Advanced Expense Reporting & Robust Analytics

MyRelocation® technology’s advanced financial reporting dashboard allows you to create over 200 custom reports on demand, making the management of your relocation program quick, simple, and easy to understand. MyRelocation® Analytics provides our clients the capability of viewing their mobility program’s performance spanning a historical, high-level overview of their program down to the individual services actively utilized by a single relocating employee on an international assignment. Our offering can be customized on-the-fly to provide relevant, actionable insights into each client’s program health. This data can also be used to predict future trends and provide cost projections. You will have all of your program’s information at your fingertips.

MyRelocation® Technology Is Mobile Ready

Universal access on any device. The GMS relocation technology adapts to any screen size for a seamless relocation experience. Manage your relocation on This technology enables you and your relocating employees the quickest and easiest access to the information you need, when you need it. Choose Global Mobility Solutions for the industry’s best relocation technology.


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