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The relocation experts at Global Mobility Solutions offer insight on top mobility challenges and industry trends. Learn important tips such as the benefits of benchmarking your relocation policy every 12 to 18 months and the importance of choosing the right relocation technology. We also present industry best practices and helpful information for companies and their employees on everything relating to relocation, including visa and immigration issues, learning new languages and culture, and finding a new home.

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two women discuss relocation packages in a job interview

How to Negotiate a Relocation Package

When interviewing for a new job, make sure your relocation needs are met Negotiating a relocation package involves understanding what is covered, discussing expectations with your employer, and being willing to compromise. Read on for a comprehensive look at arranging a relocation package with your employer so you can confidently navigate your move with ease and peace of mind. Understanding what is covered in a relocation package is crucial before negotiations. Typically, a relocation package includes moving costs, temporary housing, transportation, and even assistance with selling or renting your current home. It is essential to clearly understand what expenses will be covered and what will not be so that you

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Ariel view of London

UK Job Vacancies Drop Below 1 Million

For the first time since 2021, there are less than 1 million job vacancies in the Uk The decline in advertised vacancies in London is concerning, as it indicates a potential slowdown in the job market. With almost 200,000 fewer job opportunities than the previous year, job seekers in the capital may face increased competition for available positions. Furthermore, the decrease in average advertised salaries in London adds to the worries of job seekers. A 2.0% decline may not seem significant at first glance, but it can substantially impact individuals’ financial well-being and the overall health of the UK job market. With London’s high cost of living, a decrease in

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two women review visa and immigration paperwork

What to Know about the H1-B Visa Lottery Changes

Changes to the H1-B lottery will go into effect starting March 2024 What is the H-1B? Employers who want to hire a foreign worker for a professional role in the United States must support their employment authorization. This applies to individuals who are not US citizens or lawful permanent residents. The most common type of sponsorship for professional employees is in the H-1B category. For a position to be considered “professional,” it must require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a specific field or its equivalent. The worker must also hold at least a bachelor’s degree in that field or a related field or have an equivalent qualification. What

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gen x man relaxing in his office after moving to a new city

Where is Gen X Relocating to? A Look at the Numbers

Top 7 list of cities that Gen X-aged people are moving to With Gen Xers getting ready to send their children off to college and approaching retirement, this particular age group has had the opportunity to witness the growth of their investments through compound interest as they advance in their careers. Consequently, even though they tend to be less mobile, individual Gen Xers can still significantly impact local economies, surpassing the influence of their younger counterparts. Considering this, recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau has been used to analyze and rank the top cities for Gen Xers (aged 45 to 54) considering relocating. The data focuses on 268 of

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father showing daughter their new home on an ipad

How to Manage Finances When Relocating for a Job

Moving for a new job is a great career move; here are tips to keep relocation costs in check Controlling expenses while moving to a different city can be challenging. Still, various approaches can assist in managing relocation costs and cutting expenses by opting for the services of a skilled long-distance moving company. Initially, planning your relocation effectively and contemplating reducing the number of possessions is crucial. This will effectively decrease transportation expenses and help cut down on the price of shipping household goods. Moving to a different part of the country for a new job comes with a price tag and is costly. It is worth asking your new

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Happy couple in front of their new home

How to Get Ready for a Relocation Assignment

Accepting an offer to relocate can be a great career move Are you ready to take the leap and relocate for your career? Moving to a new workplace can be an exhilarating adventure, filled with opportunities for personal and professional growth. However, it can also be a daunting task that requires careful planning and execution. We will explore the exciting journey of relocating for work, offering valuable insights and tips to help you navigate this transition smoothly. Relocating for work can be an exciting opportunity to explore new horizons and advance your career. However, it is essential to approach this transition with careful planning and preparation. Here are some valuable

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relocation agent showing his client something on an ipad

Keeping the Human Touch in the Relocation Process

GMS Keeps Human Contact During the Entire Relocation Process Accepting a new job in a new state or country can be exciting. But everyone knows that before getting to the new destination and settling into your new home and work scene, there is much work to do to make the move happen. Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) understands that a lot has to happen for you and your family to relocate seamlessly. For over 30 years, our expert team has been assisting in getting new employees from point A to point B.  Our relocation services model can be molded to fit any employee’s needs. From start to finish, GMS assists you

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Young couple moving into a new home with all their household goods in boxes

Why It’s Important to Leverage Your RMC for Household Goods Shipping

Learn why you should lean on your relocation management provider for household goods shipments When individuals move to a different place due to job transfers or new employment, they usually need assistance transporting their personal belongings. This relocation process often needs to be done according to a set schedule. The employer must ensure the relocated person has a smooth and successful moving experience. A reputable Relocation Management Company (RMC) can guarantee professional handling of household goods within specified timeframes and provide service assurances. Transferees who are relocating to start a new job and need to organize the transportation of their household belongings encounter various difficulties. They may have to research

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Use this checklist to perform a review of your company relocation policy

Company Relocation Policy Checklist for 2024

Things to keep in mind when reviewing Relocation policies Offering relocation benefits to new or promoted employees is a great way to ensure that your company can hire the most qualified candidate for the position. As the new year is now upon us, HR managers should start to review their company’s relocation policies. Most relocation assistance companies recommend checking and renewing policies annually, usually in Q4. As the global mobility industry sees continuous change over time, reviewing policies at least once per year helps ensure that the relocation policies offered are still competitive within your industry, and ensure cost efficiencies are adapted to your current business environment.  Whether you are

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