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The relocation experts at Global Mobility Solutions offer insight on top mobility challenges and industry trends. Learn important tips such as the benefits of benchmarking your relocation policy every 12 to 18 months and the importance of choosing the right relocation technology. We also present industry best practices and helpful information for companies and their employees on everything relating to relocation, including visa and immigration issues, learning new languages and culture, and finding a new home.

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How Spousal Support and Family Services Affect Relocation Decision-Making

The success of a relocation heavily depends on the happiness of the relocating employee and their family The “spousal assistance” benefits have evolved from a small aid to a powerful support system. Companies now understand the importance of the well-being of both employees and their families in a successful relocation. This once-overlooked perk has become a valuable tool for personal and professional development.  Employee and family assistance has become a must-have component in corporate relocation services by providing support that boosts confidence, helps overcome challenges, and reduces stress about the move. It is no longer an afterthought but a crucial component that can make a significant difference in the success

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relocation certifications explained

What Are Relocation Certifications?

Learn about the different relocation certifications Like any decision with multiple options, choosing which relocation management company to work with can be tricky. As an HR professional or manager involved in the procurement or decision-making process for relocating employees, you want to make sure you are signing on with the relocation company that will make moving your employees as smooth as possible. One assessment that should not be overlooked when choosing talent mobility services is the relocation certifications that the firm’s employees have obtained.  While reviewing which corporate relocation company to work with, you will probably notice a series of acronyms by their employee’s names. Each of these acronyms represents

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18 States Require Written Buyer Agency Agreements

Litigation filed or ongoing in various jurisdictions across the US As of December 2023, buyer agency agreements will be mandatory in 18 states, each with different rules affecting aspects like dual agency, offering cooperative compensation, and disclosing fees. In 2024, more states are expected to introduce additional buyer agency agreements and laws on fee transparency. This trend towards increased regulation and transparency in buyer agency agreements reflects a growing emphasis on consumer protection and ensuring buyers are fully informed and represented in real estate transactions. By requiring agents to disclose potential conflicts of interest, such as dual agency, and to be transparent about fees and compensation, states aim to create

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new hired employee being greeted by boss

5 Things to Know about Labor Laws in Mexico

Employment and labor laws in Mexico are highly complex One critical aspect of employment and labor laws in Mexico is that they prioritize protecting employee rights. These laws ensure fair treatment, proper compensation, and safe working conditions for all workers. As an employer, you must familiarize yourself with these regulations to avoid legal complications. The Federal Labor Law (FLL) is Mexico’s primary employment legislation. It covers various topics, including working hours, wages, overtime, vacation time, and termination procedures. It is important to note that the FLL sets a maximum of 48 hours per week for regular working hours, with any additional hours considered overtime and subject to higher pay rates.

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Things to Consider When Planning a Group Move

Relocating multiple employees at once can be challenging; here’s what to know Effective project management and control are crucial for a successful group relocation. Addressing all the different components involved is essential to ensure a smooth corporate move. Uncertainties can lead to issues and disarray, resulting in crucial tasks needing to be addressed. Working with a relocation management company (RMC) specializing in international relocation and domestic moves can vastly help improve the employee process. Just handing employees a check to cover moving expenses can lead to a flawed relocation process for the transferee and the employer. Knowing the Difference Between a Group Move and One-off Relocation Typically, a corporate transfer

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immigrate couple getting visas from new employer

E-2 Visa Delays Holding Up Foreign Investors

How E-2 Visas are still feeling the ripple of the Pandemic The E-2 visa, or investor visa, is a highly sought-after option for foreign investors looking to establish or grow a business in the United States. This visa permits investors and their families to reside and work in the U.S. for up to five years. Renewal of the visa is possible in five-year intervals as long as the investor’s business remains operational in the country. Each year, around 43,000 E-2 visas are granted to eligible applicants. Even though the E-2 visa is widely used, it is more complex to obtain and requires a significant financial investment from the applicant. One

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Tight 2024 US Housing Market: The Impact on Relocating Employees and the Companies Moving Them

The numbers speak for themselves. In most states, the housing market has reached levels of competition that are considered intense by most in the industry. Even those trying to move locally need help finding a home for a price they can afford. But what about those who are moving for a new job? This tight housing market plays a significant role in relocating employees. Looking at the big picture, moving to another state for a job is stressful enough, but what should companies and employees do if the relocating employee cannot find suitable housing for their family? Are employees declining jobs because of this? Many employees are asking their companies

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The Importance of Data Privacy in the Global Mobility Industry

Why Relocation Management Companies Have to Take Data Privacy and Security Seriously In today’s digital age, maintaining data privacy is essential as it goes beyond protecting identities to safeguarding personal information that can significantly impact individuals’ lives. Consumers seek convenience and speed, particularly in global travel, yet these benefits often come with a trade-off of privacy and ethical data handling. Companies offering features like biometric logins and tailored marketing campaigns face unique challenges that require thorough evaluation. Unfortunately, risk assessments are often overlooked when responding to customer requests quickly. As technology advances, the need for data privacy and security in the global mobility industry becomes more pressing. Relocation management companies,

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Companies That Care About Employee Benefits Invest in International Relocation Services

Don’t let your company start on the wrong foot with new employees; here’s why providing international relocation services is important If you are a human resources executive or hiring manager, you should know how hard it is to interview and hire for open positions. Often, it can take months just to get enough interviews on the books in hopes of finding one qualified candidate. But did you know that opening your job search to those in different states and other countries can get you more qualified candidates faster?  In many cases, HR managers will try to fill the role with applicants who live locally. Widening the search gives you a

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