MyRelocation® Technology

Transforming Data into Action

Look beneath the surface of your relocation program data with our suite of advanced analytics capabilities. MyRelocation® Analytics is powerful, customizable, and provides deeper insight into the health and performance of your workforce mobility program.

Powered by Your Data

MyRelocation® Analytics gives you all of your program’s information at your fingertips in a fully customizable data and information portal. With the ability to quickly examine the results of your program, we are able to explore the data in ways that help to identify trends in your business, discover areas for improvement, and confirm that programming changes were successful.

Customized Reporting

Securely accessible from any web browser or mobile device, your data will be arranged into tabbed reports that are organized by area of focus, or displayed in a simplified dashboard for a high-level view. Flexible design allows for dashboards and reports to be quickly modified on the fly to meet your vision without the need for long programming delays or consultations.

Powerful Visualizations

With dozens of available visualizations, your data will tell compelling stories and provide insight into your mobility program’s health, status, and ongoing trends. Display information as a summary, analyze changes over time, and switch visualizations of the same data set with ease to display exactly what you need.

Dig into your Data

The ability to slice and dice your data with an array of filters that allow users to dig deep into their data, uncovering information that might not otherwise have been discovered. The ability to drill up and down into hierarchies of information allows you to examine an individual service initiation or quickly shift between different time scales, such as annually, quarterly, or monthly views. Advanced filters provide multiple options to filter by a range of variables, such as: policy type, origin or destination, operating division/office, visa type, or even a specific service.


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