Relocation Repatriation Services

GMS manages and provides consultation on the exit procedures from the host country. We work with local destination consultants to assist with country-specific departure needs such as lease terminations, deposit recoveries, arranging cleaning services, assistance with the termination of utility accounts and local memberships, and help with the cancellation of any local registrations.

We also work with cultural training providers to offer repatriation training to the assignee and their family to reintegrate back into their home culture. This program also offers services such as pet and household goods transportation and delivering household goods out of storage.

Lease Termination & Deposit Recovery

GMS provides counsel and guidance for employees that need to perform a lease break. This includes the initial diplomatic clause language suggestions during the lease signing process, lease termination letter templates, the recovery of initial deposits, and the processing of lease break penalties within policy.

Utility & Local De-Registration Termination

A locally-based GMS destination consultant will assist with the disconnection and cancellation of local services such as utilities and internet services, in addition to assisting with de-registration with local and regional authorities.

Cultural Training

Often, repatriation brings the unexpected challenge of reintegration into the employee’s home culture. GMS’ range of cultural trainings assists with the reintegration process through a range of training formats, including virtual classroom and traditional in-person classes. 

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.


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