By: Ann Knapp | CRP, GMS, CMC

December 19, 2023

Learn why you should lean on your relocation management provider for household goods shipments

When individuals move to a different place due to job transfers or new employment, they usually need assistance transporting their personal belongings. This relocation process often needs to be done according to a set schedule. The employer must ensure the relocated person has a smooth and successful moving experience. A reputable Relocation Management Company (RMC) can guarantee professional handling of household goods within specified timeframes and provide service assurances.

Transferees who are relocating to start a new job and need to organize the transportation of their household belongings encounter various difficulties. They may have to research reliable options for moving their goods. Once they have conducted this research, they must obtain quotations for the transportation. Although the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration offers valuable advice, tips, and guidelines to assist individuals in their search for a moving company, many employees require additional time to select a trustworthy moving service. 

In addition, although beneficial lists are valuable for comprehending the basic procedures, they might require a significant amount of time for a staff member to completely grasp and evaluate the data and feedback they acquire from numerous relocation firms. Occasionally, untrustworthy relocation firms unintentionally subject employees to subpar services.

How RMCs Assist with Household Goods shipping

Employers should collaborate with a competent Relocation Management Company (RMC) that can offer valuable advice and support for transporting personal belongings. This way, employees relocating or joining a new company can concentrate on their new roles while also tending to their family and work obligations. A capable RMC should obtain various quotes for the transportation of personal belongings to ensure the most favorable prices. Additionally, RMCs should have protocols to guarantee service standards are met, and suppliers adhere to predetermined performance criteria.

The Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) team, composed of global relocation specialists, has spearheaded a major corporate endeavor under Ann Knapp, the Director of Transportation Services. This endeavor has resulted in developing Curbside Manner™, a benchmark of excellence against which all GMS Transportation Partners are evaluated. Curbside Manner™ mandates that transportation partners treat every customer fairly and respectfully throughout their relocation journey. Additionally, every transportation team member must approach each move with utmost professionalism, courtesy, and dedication to service.

Employers must ensure that employees being transferred or newly hired can easily find a reputable relocation management company (RMC). The RMC will be able to obtain various transportation cost estimates and coordinate the shipping of household goods. They will also provide excellent service and ensure that the employees’ belongings are moved efficiently, allowing them to concentrate on their new job duties.

GMS Specializes in Household Goods Moves

The team of relocation specialists at Global Mobility Solutions assists numerous clients in transferring and hiring new employees by facilitating the transportation of their household goods. Consequently, we can provide your company with valuable insights on effectively using our comprehensive Pre-Decision Services, including moving cost estimates, to ensure successful relocations. 

Benefit from the expertise of Global Mobility Solutions, a dedicated group of professionals in the relocation industry and technology who are committed to keeping you informed and connected. Contact our knowledgeable team!

Director, Transportation Services Ann has over 20 years of leadership experience in the moving and relocation industries. She is a council member for the International Association of Movers (IAM) Leadership Alliance. As a 2nd generation mover, Ann has worked in all areas of the industry from survey scheduling to claims settlement which has provided her with a well-rounded understanding of the ins & outs of moving. Ann is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Transportation Team, the GMS Transportation Network, managing contracts, policy advisement, and monitoring quality.

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