Business Services

Global Mobility Solutions understands the challenges our clients face with employment, global expansion, and finding new ways to highlight their businesses. We offer a wide range of highly valuable business services for our clients to address these needs:

Global Career Services

In today’s world, job seekers need detailed plans, cutting-edge technology, determination, and a commitment to execute their personal plan utilizing the latest job search tools.

GMS global career services merges traditional job search strategies into online networking tools. This approach helps those seeking a new job stand out from the crowd with written and oral marketing tools. We also show you how to leverage the internet to develop a strong online presence that supports your personal brand.

International PEO

International PEO is a global employment solution where a third-party in a foreign country hires your employees on your behalf. Through this Employer of Record solution, the provider becomes an extension of your HR department. As a result, they manage all payroll and tax withholdings, remittances to the local authorities, health and social security-related programs, onboarding, health insurance, benefits, pension, and terminations. Your company continues to manage all day-to-day responsibilities and employee liabilities.

This model allows your company to add full-time team members to your global operations within a matter of days. Additionally, your company does not have to cope with the headaches, time, cost, or rigidity of managing a foreign subsidiary.

Video Destination Spotlights

Global Mobility Solutions strives to deliver a consistent, high touch level of service. Our Video Destination Spotlights are professionally crafted videos that provide an overview of the destination. These videos help provide a better picture of the journey’s end. We offer both Standard Tier and Comprehensive Tier Video Destination Spotlights.

Standard Tier Video Destination Spotlights are a general video overview of the destination area, utilizing captivating footage and imagery accompanied by voice-over/narration. Typical overview may include general information regarding destination history, climate, geography, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, outdoor activities, major attractions, arts, culture, and educational opportunities.

Comprehensive Tier Video Destination Spotlights include everything listed for the Standard Tier, with additional customized elements. These elements may include custom crafted video footage and photography, a deeper dive into destination nuances, and interviews with local figures and experts.