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North America Spotlights

North America Spotlights, prepared exclusively by our team of North America relocation experts, provide destination information such as climate, transportation, real estate costs, activities, attractions, culture, education, shopping, dining, and more. Our clients find these North America Spotlights to be very helpful for their transferring employees. Below please find a few examples.

North America Spotlight on Atlanta, GA

Although Atlanta is rich with U.S. history, it is the city’s future that attracts many of its residents. Atlanta, the capital and largest city in Georgia, has been experiencing a population and economic development boom. The city offers great museums, theaters, restaurants, and attractions, all served with a large helping of southern hospitality. This is only one of several domestic spotlights for Atlanta. Global Mobility Solutions has domestic spotlights that highlight neighboring communities, as well.


North America Spotlights for Relocating to Atlanta, GA - Global Mobility Solutions

North America Spotlight on New York, NY

Dubbed “the city that never sleeps,” there is something always happening in New York City. One of the largest cities in the world, and the most populous in the United States, New York is a center of global finance, fashion, commerce, and entertainment. Its iconic skyline is comprised of towering skyscrapers in whose valleys reside Broadway, Times Square, and Central Park.


North America Spotlights for Relocating to New York City, NY - Global Mobility Solutions

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