Workforce Mobility Consulting

Outsourcing your workforce mobility program provides an expert partner in relocation. Workforce mobility consulting at Global Mobility Solutions means our consultants focus on reducing organizational costs and minimizing relocation timelines in order to increase assignment success. Our in depth consultation includes competitor benchmarking, policy analysis, and relocation evaluations. Connect with GMS today for a courtesy mobility program evaluation. Modern workforce solutions for today’s mobility challenges.

Policy Benchmarking

Global Mobility Solutions will perform a full review of your existing policies, to ensure the goals of your organization are properly aligned with the policy. If necessary, we will write new or change existing relocation policies and coordinate the implementation of the changes. If no policy currently exists, GMS will work with you to determine what your relocation needs are and develop new policies that best fit them. Your dedicated account manager will advise and counsel you throughout the relationship to ensure your relocation policy is the most cost effective.

Global Consulting

International assignments create promising opportunities for organizations and their employees. Carefully engineering program provisions that account for candidate selection strategy and compliance is critical. GMS will ensure that your program is competitive, cost effective, and most importantly, optimized for employee retention. Common policy reviews include:

North America short-term relocation
North America long-term relocation
International short-term relocation
International long-term relocation
• Cost analysis and budget forecasting
• Permanent relocation policy review
Lump sum program review
• Group move process review

Workforce Mobility Cost Projections

Workforce Mobility Services

Workforce Mobility Services: GMS can assist with all types of cost projections, whether your needs are for overall program costs or pertaining to a specific relocation for a specific employee. Utilizing our various online tools, software, and worksheets GMS creates a customized approach for each of our clients.

Mobility Analysis