2021 Industry Trends: Workforce Mobility Forecast

2021 Workforce Mobility Forecast

exploring the trends that are shaping the future of workforce mobility

2021 Industry Forecast

Download a copy of our 2021 Workforce Mobility Forecast. Written by industry professionals, the Workforce Mobility Forecast looks to the future, with an in-depth examination of a range of topics that span the relocation industry:

  • The Top 5 Policy Risks in a Pandemic
  • Emerging Real Estate Trends
  • Corporate Housing Trends
  • Household Goods & Transportation
  • Virtual Relocation Services
  • Visa & Immigration Trends
  • and more

2021 Industry Trends Webinar

Gain access to a complete recording of our latest webinar and download the complete slide deck. During this webinar, professionals in Talent, Human Resources, and Global Mobility learned about Global Mobility Solutions’ 2021 Workforce Mobility Forecast as part of our Thought Leadership Series of webinars.

  • Talent Mobility trends and relocation policy considerations
  • Real Estate trends including current housing inventory
  • Household Goods adaptations to COVID-19
  • Virtual delivery of destination services

Access the Forecast Now

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