2023 Webinar: when exceptions become expectations


This webinar was recorded on 12/12/2023

Organizations must adapt and evolve in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape. Recent reports shed light on the importance of relocation policy flexibility and its impact on controlled spending. Contrary to popular belief, more flexibility does not necessarily equate to increased employer costs. Companies can balance accommodating employee needs and maintaining financial stability by reassessing policy directions and embracing adaptability in the relocation process.

The main topics for this webinar are:

More Flexibility – Doesn’t Equal More Spend: We explore the correlation between policy flexibility and controlled spending and consider when to reassess policies for great adaptability.

Recruiting and Retention: Take a look at the importance of employee experience and its role in retention while providing tips on seeking feedback that can lead to refined policies and overall employee experience improvement.

Survey and Data Analysis: We highlight the significance of gathering feedback through surveys, focusing on employee experiences and perceptions. And finally, we’ll explore senior leadership ideas and experiences.

You can check out the full webinar Here! Feel free to reach out to GMS with any questions regarding relocation services.

Our Speakers for the webinar:

Danielle Sanzobrino
Senior VP, Account Management

With almost 25 years of experience and CRP|GMS certifications, Danielle is a seasoned professional. Her expertise in managing high-volume global accounts combined with strong communication skills, uniquely positions her as an outstanding navigator for global relocation services and clients at GMS.


Christina Urrutia
Latin American Business Development Manager

Christina brings over 15 years of experience helping clients build mobility solutions in various roles, such as Relocation Counselor, VP of Global Sales, Manager of Business Development, and Strategic Partnership Manager. The depth of her mobility experience also includes multiple domestic relocations and a self-initiated global assignment. 

Samantha Hoey
Senior VP, Business Development

Sam brings almost 30 years of account management expertise. Her proficiency extends to overseeing mobility programs and policy advancement. With a successful track record managing clients globally, Sam is a seasoned professional ready to thrive in the relocation industry’s complex landscape.

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