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Government Relocation Services

GMS provides relocation services for transferees moving as part of their government-related employment. Our commitment is to help our network of recruiters understand that our breadth of service fully extends to wherever their government client’s transferee is going, in any location worldwide. This gives transferees peace of mind for their relocation, knowing they are working with a knowledgeable and experienced Relocation Management Company.

Global Scope

Our Move Management program is capable of providing high-quality service anywhere in the world.  Whether the transferee is moving from one city in the US to another, or from the US to another country, we have the team and network of providers in place to ensure a successful relocation. The GMS Service Quality Guarantee ensures our network of providers are the “best of the best” in their respective fields.

Customer Advocacy

GMS provides the added benefit of an objective customer advocate in the form of a Move Coach. Our Move Coach is a seasoned transportation specialist who serves as a single point of coordination throughout the entire move on behalf of the transferee.  Having a single point of coordination provides for a smooth and easy relocation experience, as all the information is one location for easy reference and quick answers.

Multiple Estimates

The GMS Move Coach will also coordinate and review multiple move estimates with the transferee. All of the providers are within the GMS network of preferred providers. This gives the transferee access to preferred levels of pricing. All estimates are “guaranteed not to exceed.” This guarantee provides peace of mind for the transferee, since there will not be any additional charges to pay when they reach their destination.

Our cloud-based relocation technology is designed to help you streamline your company’s relocation management.

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Value Protection & Insurance

GMS offers free shipment protection coverage up to $75,000 for U.S. Domestic shipments. We also offer a leading, comprehensive International insurance Program.  Shipment protection coverage and comprehensive insurance programs provide assurance to the transferee that their household goods are handled with the utmost care. GMS’ network of preferred providers must meet several Key Performance Indicators, ensuring superior performance across the board.

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Claims Assistance

The GMS Move Coach will work to ensure timely and equitable claims processing. 


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