By: Jules Matz | AHWD, ABR, CNE, CRP, GRI

March 29, 2023

These are the states that are seeing a significant increase in population and some possible reasons why

Relocating for professional or personal reasons can be an excellent decision for both. New beginnings bring new opportunities to advance your career or grow yourself in a new destination. For 2023, we will use real estate trends to predict which states people will migrate to.

But before we start to look at which states are drawing new people in, let’s review some of the significant factors in why people are looking for a relocation change.

Cost of Living and Affordability

Housing affordability is decreasing as Americans seek cheaper homes and cheaper living in other states/cities. 2022 saw many moving due to money/costs, but 2023 looks to have a more steady housing market, making moving possible for many.

Americans searching for economic stability evaluated the financial implications of city vs. suburban life. Remote work has enabled many who live in costly cities to transition to cheaper places without giving up job prospects. This U.S. relocation trend explains the growing number of people departing urban regions for the suburbs.

Remote Work Options

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, most previously office-based companies have moved to either full-time remote work or hybrid schedules with remote work options. Now that many people in the workforce have the opportunity to work remotely, they now can choose to live wherever they want. 

In the past, employees would have to live within driving distance of their office to be at work on time, which made significant cities the apparent hotspots in the country. But with people able to log into work from the comfort of their homes, they are looking for homes in less crowded destinations. 

In 2023, working from home will be a permanent fixture for many companies. This will have employees seeking a new destination they have always wanted to live in. States with warmer weather and cheaper costs of living are the prominent front runners for those looking to move this year while working remotely.

Top States People are Moving to in 2023

2022 saw significant growth in certain states, trends that may repeat in 2023. Those with more room, cheaper living and remote work will be the best spots to reside in America. Here are the top four states people are migrating to in 2023:

1) Arizona

Arizona’s year-round sunny weather makes this an obvious destination for those looking to relocate to a place for outdoor activities. The Phoenix suburbs are growing in population yearly, with towns in the East Valley like Mesa and Gilbert leading the way. Hiking and golfing are activities that can happen in Arizona any day of the year.

And if taking in the sun by the pool or on the golf course isn’t something you’d want to do every day, northern and eastern Arizona have plenty of forests to explore with four-season weather. And let’s not forget the great wonder of the world, the Grand Canyon, which is a driving distance from the Phoenix area, for a weekend getaway.

2) Georgia

Georgia anticipates a rise in population. This Southern state has an impressively low unemployment rate of 2.9% compared to the national average. Furthermore, the cost of living and taxes are relatively low, making it an attractive place to live. 

Living in urban areas such as Atlanta and Savannah offers many job prospects due to the presence of renowned corporations like Home Depot, UPS, Delta Airlines, and Coca-Cola. When not working, Georgia’s inhabitants can explore the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest by hiking, camping, or biking, or visit the Georgia Aquarium, meander around the City Market in the Landmark District, or take in spectacular sights at Rock City atop Lookout Mountain.

3) Idaho

Idaho has a high population growth rate due to its desirable mountain location and low crime rate. People are moving into the state, particularly to the city of Meridian, faster than they are leaving. Those looking for more space and a good job have the opportunity to join a thriving economy in Boise, one of the top U.S. cities for job-seekers. People nearby enjoy going to well-known places in the state such as Craters of the Moon, Sawtooth, Lake Coeur d’Alene, and Shoshone Falls Park.

4) North Carolina

North Carolina’s low cost of living and substantial job opportunities have attracted many people. Areas like Charlotte and Raleigh have experienced population growth in recent years. Research Triangle Park comprises Oak City, Durham, and Chapel Hill, a hub for science and technology and great for young STEM professionals.

Asheville is one of the top cities to live in in the South. One of the locals’ favorite activities is bird-watching at Cape Hatteras, hiking Chimney Rock State Park, and driving the Blue Ridge Parkway.

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