By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

May 3, 2022

Learn the Advantages of working with an international relocation management company

Interviewing and hiring international job candidates can be the best way to open up your company’s talent pool. When jobs are only offered to local or domestic candidates, it can be hard to assure that the most qualified employee is filling the seat. But when your company can field applications from all over the world, it can give countless more options for getting the person with the best skill set for the position. 

There is also the case of global assignments; companies with multiple international entities, multinational projects, or in expansion mode often need to fill specialized roles with knowledge and skills that may not be readily available locally. So, the company may need to send them to another location for a set period. Additionally, foreign assignments provide employee development and career pathing.

So, what’s the best route of action to take for international relocation services? The first recommendation would be to work with a relocation management company (RMC) to hash out the global relocation benefits that your company is willing to offer new employees. Working with a qualified and experienced RMC covers your bases for bringing on a new employee from another country. It’s not just a domestic move where the company can pay movers on the employee’s behalf. There are tax rules, immigration compliances, and other factors to be covered. 

When conducting global mobility practices, teaming up with an RMC is the best way to go. Here are some vital relocation services that an RMC can provide:

1) International Relocation Policies

Each international relocation assignment is different. Each employee will have other wants and needs. So, there is no one-fits-all relocation package. That does not mean making up a process as you go for each new hire. It’s essential to have policies set in place to ensure some order when the new employee signs.

The process starts with an unbiased needs assessment where the RMC conducts the initial call to determine the employee’s and family’s needs. From there,  a policy review is conducted, and proper expectations for the assignment are set for international transfer. Suppose there is no assignment or transfer policy in place. In that case, it is highly recommended to work with an RMC to develop an international assignment letter, which serves as a written agreement on salary and benefits for the transfer process.

A qualified RMC will be able to assist in setting up some common relocation policies to include benefits and services aligned with your policy objectives and budgetary and compliance requirements. For example, key services within a typical assignment or transfer policy may consist of:

  • Corporate housing options
  • Home-sale/home-buying assistance programs 
  • A vetted list of moving companies
  • Spousal and family support initiatives 
  • Visa and immigration
  • Travel coordination booking
  • International expense and compensation
  • Language and cultural training

2) International Relocation Costs

One of the most significant advantages of working with an RMC is cost control. It’s no secret that getting an employee from point A to point B can be expensive, even more so for an international move. When you work with an RMC, they can help keep costs in line because they provide a list of experienced vendors. Any great relocation service provider will have this list of vendors vetted and verified for top service. But the best way to save on relocation costs is to work with an RMC that accepts multiple bids in the pre-decision stage. If an RMC gets multiple bids from vendors on moving services, they can help assure that your company can provide relocation benefits without breaking the bank.

3) Immigration Compliance

A critical service for any international assignment or transfer is Visa and Immigration. Effectively managing and maneuvering through compliance laws can save your company time and money. Most RMCs will have a team that can handle all of the immigration services needed for your new employee and their family. 

Working with a top-ranked RMC can help you make sure you’re covered when it comes to: 

  • Passport application assistance
  • Document procurement and conditioning services
  • Post-arrival filing services
  • Work permit applications
  • Business visa applications
  • Entry clearances
  • Derivative family permits
  • Extensions of any of the documents mentioned above

4) Tax Compliance

Effective tax planning requires an understanding of international tax laws and how these laws apply to the employee’s new destination. This is why working with an RMC for global tax compliance needs gives your company the advantage of having experienced experts on hand. In addition, relocation tax professionals dedicated exclusively to the tax issues impacted by global mobility will know precisely how to handle the new employee’s tax needs. 

5) Household Goods Shipping

Moving an employee’s household goods to another country is not an easy task. When it comes to household goods shipping, teaming up with an RMC can make everyone’s life easier. There is a lot to handle when it comes to moving personal belongings. But an RMC can assist in handling all the details from start to finish. Including, as mentioned before, gathering multiple quotes to find the most cost-efficient company to hire for moving services. Most RMCs will also have relocation technology that may even help track where the employee’s household goods are in the process.

GMS Specializes in International Relocation Services

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) is happy to assist your company with its global mobility policies. There are numerous advantages to partnering with GMS as your RMC. For over thirty years, we have been helping companies build successful employee mobility programs. We are here to provide international relocation services that meet the challenges of today with solutions for tomorrow. 

As the global mobility industry leader, GMS takes the time to understand your business’s needs, then customize comprehensive relocation packages based on your business needs. From pre-decision to destination arrival and beyond, GMS is here to address your needs with world-class services and industry-leading technology. Reach out to us today to schedule a free consultation with one of our relocation experts, or check out our cost savings calculators to see how GMS can save money while adding significant quality.

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