By: Michael Barone

July 25, 2023

Some companies are turning to blind recruiting methods to hire open positions

Recent job searchers prioritize workplace diversity when assessing potential employers. Most job seekers believe this is vital to a company’s identity. Establishing a DE&I strategy early in the recruitment process can attract the best talent, and blind recruitment can help ensure no one is overlooked.

It has been demonstrated that organizations with various qualified employees are 25% more likely to be successful and profitable. More and more companies are beginning to recognize the importance of having a diverse workforce, yet many need assistance achieving this goal. Unintentional bias in the hiring process may lead to fewer opportunities for diversity, so it is vital to have the correct recruitment approach to decrease this risk and maintain inclusivity.

What Is Blind Recruiting?

The practice of ‘blind’ or anonymous recruiting seeks to remove personal specifics from an applicant’s profile in the evaluation stage. This most often means the removal of names. However, in certain situations, like when using Applied, more information is taken away, such as age, address, and educational background, to eliminate potential bias.

To ensure fair and equitable treatment of job applicants, blind CVs have been gaining traction in recent years as they effectively remove personal biases that might come into play when viewing a candidate’s resume.

Currently, various recruiting techniques focus on diversity. One of these is blind recruiting, which eliminates a job applicant’s personal information to prevent anything from harming the hiring process.

By eliminating any type of recruiter prejudice—whether intentional or not—quality applicants are more likely to be hired based solely on their abilities and work history, as opposed to their identity, orientation, cultural heritage, impairment status, or history. 

Biases can prevent impartial hiring practices, but blind sourcing can limit the effect of these biases by obscuring information that could lead to prejudicial decisions.

How to Incorporate Blind Recruiting Techniques

It can be challenging to overcome unconscious prejudice, but blind hiring can assist recruiters in making unbiased decisions when selecting the most suitable applicants. Taking the following steps can make the pursuit of a diverse recruitment strategy more effective:

  • Set up training for hiring managers about hiring bias.
  • Use anonymity on job applications and résumés.
  • Review the current recruiting process to ensure it complies with state and federal hiring equity laws.
  • Perform regular metrics assessments on HR teams and hiring managers.

Relocation Pre-Decision Services Can Assist in Recruiting

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