By: Kimberly Chacon

January 24, 2023

Here is an overview of everything you need to know about getting an employee from point A to point B

Any company’s human resource department has countless staff relationship tasks, from approving vacation days to helping employees during their relocation process. The HR team is the company’s glue, holding together all the company’s processes and the backend paperwork regarding every employee. 

In most cases, the HR team is responsible for working with relocation services providers to work with the company to assist moving employees who accept a relocation assignment. HR teams will usually be in charge of getting quotes from relocation management companies (RMC), then working with the chosen RMC to set up the global mobility benefits that employees can utilize. If not taken care of properly, a lousy relocation process can hinder the hiring or retaining of skilled employees. A competitive and comprehensive relocation package is necessary to encourage employees to accept domestic and international relocation assignments.

HR’s role in employee relocations is significant; they must ensure a smooth transition by providing support. Global relocations are critical to every company’s success and should be taken seriously.

Setting Goals for Relocation Services

The HR team needs to come up with more innovative ideas when it comes to global mobility and employee relocation. In multinational companies, specific programs and procedures are in place to ensure employee hassle-free relocation. 

Any relocation plan that addresses and minimizes stress on employees and HR professionals must be appealing to transferring employees at any level on the organization chart. The employee must be able to relocate and be familiar with the process, often resolving questions regarding relocation and relocation issues.

Key Elements of Relocation Policies

There is no doubt that relocating employees can be a hectic process for all involved. But none more so than the employee and their family. That is why the HR team must cover as many benefits as possible so that the employee has the best chance of a smooth transition. It is a big ask for an employee to move states, or even countries, to work for a new company, which is why they should be taken care of. Here are some standard relocation services that should be covered in even the most standard packages:

  • Fair compensation adjustments are made if the living cost of the new location is higher than the transferee’s base.
  • Working with expert relocation coaches to assist relocating employees to guarantee low-stress, effective location change.
  • Paid trips to look for a house, multiple if possible, allow the employee and spouse to see homes that would work and get to know new neighborhoods that would be acceptable.
  • Moving and travel expenses are reimbursed to ensure that the shipping of the employee’s household goods is appropriately performed and minimizes the family’s costs to relocate to the new location.
  • Short-term housing options so the employee and their family can adjust to their new destination for a short period before buying a new home.

It’s HR’s Job to Introduce and Education New Employees about Relocation

As stated before, the HR manager and their team have countless tasks and processes to keep employees up to date on. But walking through the relocation policies with a new-hired employee is a vital task that should be considered. There should be a set company process setup for onboarding a relocating employee.

It is crucial to go over how, when, and where the relocation process occurs. Also, be honest and upfront with the employee on what they can expect during the move. Lastly, if working with an RMC that provides relocation coaches or one-on-one contact with a global mobility specialist, a company HR representative should introduce the employee to that assigned coach. On top of that, the company’s HR team should also act as a backup, best they can, if the relocation coach is unavailable for more than a few business days.

Need Help Updating or Creating Relocation Services?

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) knows first-hand how busy HR teams can be. We want to help you and your team update or create your company’s relocation policies. Since 1987, GMS has been hiring the top relocation experts in the industry to ensure we can provide award-winning relocation services to our clients. 

Let us help you remove all the stress and concerns of relocating employees. We will listen to all of your needs and, from there, help you construct comprehensive relocation packages that employees will have a hard time turning down. But it is not only our goal to assist your employees’ move, but to keep relocation policies cost-efficient for your company. 

Our initiative technology helps employees, HR reps, and relocation coaches track the relocation process from start to finish. We have a cloud-based system that helps track everything from payments and recipients to household goods shipping. 

If your HR team is ready to discuss how to set up an excellent relocation process for both employees and the company, then set up a free consultation with one of our relocation experts, who will get you on the right track.

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I’m Kimberly Chacon. I am the senior business development manager at GMS. I have been with GMS for five-plus years and have six years of relocation experience. I am a relocation specialist who loves assisting clients in creating comprehensive employee relocation policies. I am CRP certified and understand first-hand that not all companies have the exact needs when it comes to relocation needs, which is why I am here to be the first in line to listen to your wants and needs and then help you create the best relocation package for your employees.

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