Is Accepting a relocation assignment from your job suitable for your career or more trouble than it's worth?

Working in an organization with multiple locations throughout the country or internationally can be a great way to get a well-rounded career. But often, these companies with offices in various parts of the world will ask their rising star employees to relocate for a new position or to help propel a different branch. These international relocation assignments might be permanent or can be short-term. 

The question becomes whether relocating for a job is worth it or just a major hassle. In most cases, the short answer is that it is worth accepting the relocation assignment for numerous reasons. It can open the door to different positions within the company and give you experience that can look great on any resume. But like anything else, there are some challenges when relocating for a job.

What to Consider Before Accepting a Relocation Assignment

When your job gives you an offer letter for a new position that requires relocating, it is always a good idea to ask about pay, job title, job duties, etc. But it is also worth asking upfront what kind of relocation package the company will provide for you if any. If the company does not offer relocation benefits or reimbursement, moving for a new position might be challenging and not worth it.


Companies that provide comprehensive relocation packages do so to make accepting the assignment a no-brainer decision. Most relocation assistance programs include help with the following:

Shipment of Household Goods

Packing and transporting your belongings to your new destination is a massive part of the moving process. If the company is willing to provide a moving company to assist with this, it will make the relocation process much easier for you. It should be noted, though, that it is common for companies to reimburse for moving costs. While this isn’t the end of the world, and might not be a deal breaker, what this does mean is you will be on your own for packing and shipping your household goods. Then the company will pay you back for all, or most, of the expenses of hiring the moving company.

Corporate Housing

Also known as short-term housing options, this benefit is much more important for a short-term relocation assignment but can also come into play for a permanent position move. Corporate housing is a place to live while you’re on assignment for 14-90 days. It is more important for short-term work assignments because no one wants to buy a home or pay to rent an apartment for as long as needed. If the company has a corporate housing setup, it will usually be an apartment or condo to live in while you work at the new destination. 


As mentioned, corporate housing options can also come into play for permanent relocation assignments. Often, the transferee can utilize corporate housing for a short period while they decide where to buy a home in their new destination.

Family Support and Cultural Training

If you are looking into taking a permanent position in a new destination, ask your company how they can help with family support or cultural training. This is especially vital if you are taking on a global assignment. Ask if there are programs such as career services for spouses or special school programs for children. And of course, if it is an international relocation, ask about language training.

GMS Believes Accepting a Relocation Assignment Is a Great Career Move

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) has been helping companies relocate their employees for over 30 years, so we have seen firsthand how fast an employee’s career can grow when accepting a relocation assignment. But the employee will only succeed if supported with the right relocation benefits. On average, we have consistently urged companies to review and update their relocation packages every 12 to 16 months. 


When reviewing your employee relocation benefits, set up a free consultation with one of our relocation experts. We are one of the best international moving companies in the world. Our team will listen to your wants and needs, then help you create relocation benefits that will ensure a smooth relocation process for your employees, hoping they will succeed for your company.  

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I have been a Global Business Development Manager and Global Account Manager since October 2022, supporting organizations in all aspects of their Global Mobility Programs. Before joining GMS, I worked for 18 years in Global Mobility. My experience ranges from Operations to Account Management for various client sizes and scopes. I have extensive experience with inter-company transfers and all assignment types for Global Cross Border policies.

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