By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

January 9, 2018

Global Mobility Solutions’ MyRelocation® Technology is an industry-leading relocation technology solution. Companies that provide leading relocation technology solutions to their employees will have greater employee satisfaction and a higher rate of successful relocations. By ensuring information is secure, processes are simple, and tools are easy to use, companies give employees assurance their relocation will proceed quickly and smoothly. Technology that has extensive features, is customizable, and that can handle additional employees and functions over time provides companies with a robust solution to relocation program management.

Leading relocation technology provides the following five benefits:

Easily Integrates with Current Systems

Relocation technology should integrate with company systems and leverage current data and report formats. Terminology, timing, and work flows should be easily accommodated within the technology.

Fully Secure

Ensuring the privacy and protection of your employee’s personal information is of utmost importance. A leading relocation technology will have the appropriate levels of Privacy Compliance and Service Organization Controls.

Simple to Use

Relocation technology should be simple for employees to use, as well as for human resources, recruiting, and other administrative functions. Mobile employees will appreciate a technology that provides everything they need during their relocation process, and administrative employees will find their relocation program management tasks easy to complete.

Many Features

An extensive array of features should be offered in a leading relocation technology, including tools, reports, dashboards, and estimators. The features should be easy to customize so that employees with specific requirements can be set up and running quickly and easily.

Technology is Scalable

As your company expands, your relocation technology should be able to take on additional employees, requirements, and features. Customizable technology that is scalable can accommodate more employees and can easily grow with your company.


Companies and their employees benefit from using a leading relocation technology for managing relocation processes. Safe, secure, and compliant technology ensures privacy and protection of employee information, as well as easy to use tools that make information and expense tracking and reporting quick and simple.

MyRelocation® Technology from Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) is a fully secure, single-platform, customizable, and scalable online relocation management technology. MyRelocation® Technology provides you and your employees a wide range of decision-making, tracking, and expense management tools when they need them, where they need them. To learn more about MyRelocation® Technology contact one of our relocation program experts for a demonstration or give us a call at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.

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Executive Vice President John oversees global operations, marketing, business development as well as reporting and analytics. John’s 23 years of mobility experience include excellence in varied positions such as Relocation Counselor, International Assignment Manager, Manager of Latin American Operations, Director of International Operations, Global Account Executive, Vice President of Sales and Vice President of Global Services. The depth of John’s mobility experience also includes multiple assignments and domestic relocations of his own. He has lived and conducted business around the globe and speaks multiple languages.

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