By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

June 14, 2018

MyRelocation® from Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) is a cloud-based relocation technology with video resources that lets clients manage and track your employees’ relocation. The technology provides intuitive and easy to use dashboards and helpful information. It also gives users the ability to create over 200 customizable reports on demand. Relocating employees value the ability to access relocation tools and calculators, and utilize virtual destination features. They also prefer the ability to submit expenses online for quick reimbursement, and connect with their relocation coach.

Video Resources

Video enhancements to MyRelocation® improve the usefulness of the technology. They also teach clients and their employees how to best utilize the robust program’s many features. Online tutorials take users step-by-step through several screens, showing how to submit information and where to find data.

In addition to Destination Spotlight reports, several destinations are in line for development of video resources. These videos bring the location to life for employees and their family members. Seeing a new location and traveling through it by way of a video gives depth to the experience. It also generates interest and excitement about the relocation.

Benefits of Video Resources

In addition to providing valuable information for relocating employees and their families, video resources also:

  1. Build credibility and trust with employees and their families, demonstrating to them that their employer truly cares about their welfare and happiness in their new location.
  2. Provide visually engaging images that increase the employee’s ability to envision themselves in the new location.
  3. Can be easily shared with other family members and friends to join in on the entertainment, giving decision-makers greater confidence in their recommendations.
  4. Increase acceptance rates for assignments, as videos have been shown to be highly effective for increasing conversion rates related to buying decisions and assignment acceptances.


Providing relocating employees and their families with a superior relocation technology like MyRelocation® helps them have a successful relocation process. Additional resources in video formats give employees peace of mind when a new transfer assignment is under consideration. Seeing a new location through a video is a helpful way to learn about the many positive features of a community.

The global relocation experts at GMS have the knowledge and expertise to help your company communicate the benefits of video resources to your relocating employees. Contact our team of experts to discuss your relocation technology needs, or call us at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.

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