By: Jules Matz | AHWD, ABR, CNE, CRP, GRI

June 15, 2021

Pros of Using a Preferred Relocation Real Estate Agent

If you have been offered a new position in a different city or state by your current employer, or if you are accepting a new job in a new location, you probably have dozens of questions about the relocation process and how it works. Like most relocating individuals, one of the most prominent questions is most likely the concern about selling your home. 

Many transferees who are getting ready to move (or those still weighing options with an offer) often wonder if they are on their own for selling their house or if the corporate relocation company that their employer is partnering with will do that. Going a level deeper, those moving then wonder if they are in charge of hiring their own real estate agent. 

The answer to that question is simple; you have the power. Many relocation policies offer support when it comes to home selling assistance. If home selling assistance is one of your relocation benefits, then it is an excellent idea to capitalize on that. Now the question becomes, should I use a friend or family member to sell my home or be assigned a specialized relocation real estate agent? While many transferees may want to go with the first option, it might make more sense to allow the relocation specialist to handle the sale. Here’s why. 

Using an Experienced Relocation Real Estate Agent

Many relocation companies urge the relocating employee to select an agent from their vetted real estate network because they can then guarantee that the agent is familiar with relocation policies and will be knowledgeable of the nuances in the relocation process. This will ensure that the transferee is maximizing their benefits by taking advantage of every aspect offered in the home-sale program. Transferees that stick with their company’s established home sale program commonly sell their homes more quickly and arrive at their destination with less stress and are ready to work. 

In leveraging your company’s home sale program, your relocation company’s point of contact can coordinate the entire move process for you – from the relocation appraisal process to the moving of your household goods, and finally the end of the sale of your property. Additionally, relocation real estate companies will recommend multiple agents for you to interview before making a decision, placing you in control.

Real estate agents who are not experienced with the relocation process might not be as active, might not know how to maximize savings and profits, or might not have an understanding of how to properly utilize relocation benefits. If they have little to no understanding of how corporate relocation processes work, this will slow down the sale of your home.

Out-of-Network Fees

In addition to the valuable experience that a vetted relocation-specialized agent can provide, it is better to use a relocation company’s agent because many relocation companies charge sizable out-of-network or referral recovery fees when agents outside of their networks are utilized. In fact, many companies specifically state in their relocation policies that the usage of an authorized agent is mandatory in order to receive your benefits. In this case, you will not be able to benefit from specialized home sale programs designed to help you sell as quickly as possible, for as much as possible.

Get the Most Out Of Relocation Real Estate Benefits

Selling your home is just one of the first of many steps to take for a successful relocation for you and your family. That is why it is important to work with relocation specialists who have the knowledge to get you the best deal possible for your home. If you have any questions about relocation real estate benefits or need to get in touch with a vetted, relocation real estate agent who can guide you through the entire process, please contact us online today. One of our team members will reach out to assist you with all of your questions.

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