By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

October 26, 2021

Learn More About Communities Growing Thanks to Remote Workers

Zoom Town is a new term used for spots around the country that are seeing increases in the populations of people who work remotely on a permanent basis. It’s a play on words from the old term “boomtown” which was used to describe towns and cities in the United States that saw huge population increases due to oil discovery. The term also stems from numerous companies using the popular Zoom meeting app, implying that people who work from home “zoom” into work instead of commuting.

This trend of Zoom Towns has grown as more and more companies are providing employees the ability to work from home full-time or even part-time. Now that employees no longer have to show their face in an office space regularly, it gives them the freedom to choose to live wherever suits their lifestyle and budget.

Cost of Living and Housing Market Shifts Helped Form Zoom Towns

Many would say that working remotely was becoming more common even before the Covid-19 pandemic forced businesses to ask employees to work from home for health and safety reasons. Now that remote positions are becoming the new normal across all industries, people are finding it harder to justify moving to, and remaining in, some of the larger or more expensive cities in the country.

It was reported in a survey given out to employees who were in-office before the pandemic that 91% of employees hope to become full-time remote workers at their current position moving forward. This shift to working online has had an impact on the cities that people want to live in. Smaller towns and cities now seem to be favored by remote workers as the cost of living and real estate prices are more appealing than the major cities that used to be some of the best job hubs in the country.

Top Growing Zoom Towns for Remote Workers

While the below list of growing Zoom Towns may not have an obvious connection, there is a series of running themes between them. If workers do not have to commute into an office five times per week, and they have the option to live with great scenery and weather, who wouldn’t? An additional theme running through this list of towns is that these destinations are all outside of major cities. As stated before, remote workers are looking to escape big city life for smaller cities and towns with more affordable housing, lower cost of living, better traffic, and an improved sense of “livability”. 

Here are some of the fastest-growing Zoom Towns in the US (in no particular order): 

  1. Gilbert, Arizona
  2. Frisco, Texas
  3. League City Texas
  4. Bellevue, Washington
  5. Olathe, Kansas 
  6. Henderson, Nevada 
  7. Roseville, California 
  8. Sandy Springs, Georgia 
  9. Centennial, Colorado 
  10. Cary, North Carolina

Relocating to a Zoom Town

It should go without saying that while most companies who hire for remote positions will allow employees to work from anywhere, there might be a chance that employees are asked to make an appearance in the office quarterly or annually. Maintaining well-optioned travel policies and remote work policies will go a long way in ensuring your remote jobs are successful for your workers and effective for your organization.

As remote work has exploded in popularity, we have found that many companies do not offer remote workers with relocation benefits. Commonly due to the fact that the decision on where to live for a remote worker boils down to personal choice. However, there are numerous government relocation incentive programs to help reduce the financial burden on remote workers who are looking for a change in scenery. 

It is important to note that in the modern war for talent, for companies to attract and retain the best talent it takes great recruiting benefits. Since 1987, GMS has specialized in helping businesses build successful workforce relocation programs, develop competitive relocation policies, and assist in the design of remote worker programs. Do you have questions regarding relocation, remote workers, or any facet of corporate mobility? Speak with one of our relocation experts today.

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