By: Michael Barone

January 22, 2024

Top 7 list of cities that Gen X-aged people are moving to

With Gen Xers getting ready to send their children off to college and approaching retirement, this particular age group has had the opportunity to witness the growth of their investments through compound interest as they advance in their careers. Consequently, even though they tend to be less mobile, individual Gen Xers can still significantly impact local economies, surpassing the influence of their younger counterparts.

Considering this, recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau has been used to analyze and rank the top cities for Gen Xers (aged 45 to 54) considering relocating. The data focuses on 268 of the largest cities in the United States, aiming to identify the most favorable destinations for this age group.

Here are the top 7 cities Gen X are moving to:

1) Surprise, Arizona

In 2022, Surprise experienced a notable increase of 4,414 individuals from the Gen X generation. The overall population of this age group now stands at 18,239, accounting for 11.93% of Surprise’s total population of 152,910 residents.

2) Bend, Oregon

Bend has become a sought-after spot for Generation X, drawing in 2,858 fresh faces. This surge has pushed the overall number of residents in this age bracket to 14,965, comprising 14.60% of Bend’s total population of 102,467.

3) Scottsdale, Arizona

In 2022, the number of Generation X individuals in Scottsdale rose by 6,215, bringing the total population of this age group to 32,881. Gen X now constitutes 13.68% of Scottsdale’s population of 240,432 residents.

4) Orlando, Florida

Orlando attracted 7,923 Gen X-aged citizens. Consequently, the population of this age group increased to 40,219, constituting 12.82% of the city’s total residents, which amounts to 313,625 people

5) St. George, Utah

A total of 2,499 individuals from Generation X were drawn to St. George. This demographic constitutes approximately 10.19% of the city’s population, 10,282 out of 100,904.

6) Jackson, Mississippi

The number of Gen Xers in Jackson increased by 3,551, bringing the total number of residents in this age category to 16,829. This accounts for approximately 11.67% of the overall population of Jackson, which is 144,244.

7) Hartford, Connecticut

Hartford attracted 2,527 new residents from the Gen X generation. This influx of people increased the Gen X population in the city to 14,442, accounting for approximately 12.11% of the total residents, which amounts to 119,290 individuals

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