How to Position Your Request for Proposal so Suppliers Have Correct Information

Your task is to position your Request for Proposal for Relocation Services so suppliers have all of the correct information they need to provide you with full and useful responses. With all of the many aspects of relocation programs, where should you begin?

To get the best responses, position your Request for Proposal with the information the suppliers need to understand your company and its current processes. You want to be clear in each question you ask the supplier, so you need to provide them with information about who you are and what you are seeking in a relocation services provider. Answers will vary based on the information you provide.

At a minimum, you should provide these four main points of information in order to receive robust responses to your Request for Proposal:

Four Main Points

1. Company Overview, Scope of Program, and Facility Locations

Provide information about your company, including size, number of employees, facility locations, organizational structure, and any associated companies and divisions. The scope of your relocation program is critically important for suppliers to know. Is it going to be a global program that covers all facilities worldwide? Or is the program specific to one geographical region, or only one division of your company? Position your Request for Proposal to provide as much detail as possible about what kind of relocation program your company is seeking. Additionally, be sure to include information about what range of services your company is interested in using.

2. Relocation Volume, Percentage of Homeowners and Renters, Average Home Sale Values

Position your Request for Proposal to include the number of relocations. This information is important for suppliers to know, to ensure appropriate staffing levels and structure for your company’s account service. It is also important information for the supplier to know so they can present the best pricing possible. The percentage of relocating employees who are homeowners versus renters helps the supplier understand the range of services your company’s program should use. The supplier will also be able to provide suggestions on how best to design the relocation program’s features and benefits. For your relocating employees who are homeowners, you should provide the average home sale values over the last few calendar years. This will help the supplier plan for the resources necessary to give these homeowners the best range of services. As a result, they will be able to correctly budget for home sale programs.

3. Position Your Request for Proposal so it Clearly Defines Global Program Needs

Many companies think of relocation programs in basic terms of moving their employee and family members from one location to another. Depending on the locations involved, the employee and their family might need a wide range of services to ensure a successful relocation. Global relocation needs could include any or all of the following services:

  • Assistance with Visas, Work Permits, Immigration
  • Language Training
  • Cultural Training
  • Travel Assistance
  • Property Management
  • Short Term Housing
  • Home Finding Assistance
  • Settling in Services (Driver’s Licenses, Child Care, Utility Arrangements, Interim Health Insurance)
  • Vehicle Lease or Purchase
  • Spouse and Partner Employment Assistance
  • School Searches
  • Pet Arrangements and Relocation
  • Repatriation Services

4. High Level Policy Review, Lump Sums

Provide information about your company’s current relocation policy and program at a high level. Note any tiers within the current policy that are used to provide different levels of service. The number of lump sums is important to include. Many RMCs have structured programs that employees can utilize with their lump sum dollars.

For example, Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) assists relocating employees with maximizing their allocated lump sum relocation dollars through our vast network of partners. Employees can select the options that they need from our a la carte menu of services, providing those services are within the parameters of your company’s specific policy. The dedicated relocation coach provides advice and counsel along the way. Additionally, the coach will explain how to best utilize their lump sum relocation dollars.

GMS’ relocation experts might also recommend an alternative to your company’s lump sums in the form of a managed cap program. The GMS managed cap program gives the employee a specific amount of funds to spend along with the benefit of the support services offered by GMS. GMS provides expertise in policy counseling to the employee on the best allocation of their funds when choosing from an array of relocation services. In addition, they receive guidance on the taxation of particular components. The managed cap program has contributed to fewer budget overages and higher satisfaction levels than the lump-sum option. This results in a maximum benefit for both the company and the employee.


Global Mobility Solutions’ team of global relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients with their requests for proposals. We can help your company understand how to position your request for proposal so that it has all of the information suppliers need for them to present the best solutions for your company’s relocation program. Contact our experts online or give us a call at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.

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