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6 Ways to Help Employees Adjust After a Relocation Assignment

Relocating for a job is an exciting step that millions take each year worldwide, but it also comes with its fair share of trials and tribulations.

It’s essential for employers to consider this and accommodate the needs of team members who have uprooted their entire lives to move to a new city on behalf of the organization they work for.

Here are some small but meaningful perks you should consider offering if you want this transition to be as smooth as possible.

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5 Terms to Include in a Competitive Relocation Package

Companies who are asking talent to relocate for a position should look into offering employee relocation packages. These packages help offset the stress of moving by providing financial assistance and corporate housing so that the employee can relocate as seamlessly as possible.

While every company has different opinions on what should and should not be covered regarding talent mobility, a few basic policies should be included in every relocation package. Here are five terms to make your company’s relocation package appealing to applicants so that they cannot refuse your offer:

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Money Management Tips for Relocating to a New City

Whatever the reason, relocating for a job from a new company (or promotion from your current company), there is no doubt that finances will be top of mind. The first thing that must be kept in mind is that moving can be expensive if the company does not offer corporate relocation assistance. When interviewing for a position in a different state or country, be sure to get crystal clear explanations of what type of global mobility benefits are provided. But even after making the move official, there will still be money management skills that should be practiced. Here are a few financial tips when considering the relocation costs for a domestic move or an international assignment.

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How Relocation Management Software Can Help Streamline Your Company’s Move

Relocation Management Software can streamline the moving process for workers across town or the country. Moreover, with the right solution, you can reduce the time and money spent on moving while being more efficient. Furthermore, relocation management software can help you find the best movers and estimate the costs associated with your relocation. Therefore, if you need help with relocation, here is how relocation management software can help streamline your company’s move.

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5 Benefits of Corporate Relocation Benchmarking

It’s an unfortunate commonality that many businesses create relocation policies and benefits only to run with them for years at a time without revisiting them. Some companies might provide exceptions to their policies on a case-by-case basis for each new hire, but in the end, it could cost companies thousands of dollars by not renewing or checking these policies.

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Use this checklist to perform a review of your company relocation policy

Company Relocation Policy Checklist for 2023

Whether you are going out to bid for a new relocation company or just want to ensure that your relocation policies are above the standard, use this 2023 relocation policy checklist to ensure all of the joint pain points are met.
Our recommendations for global mobility planning cover both short-term and long-term initiatives. Here is the 2023 relocation checklist.

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Common Reasons Why Employees Won’t Relocate for Work

It is no secret that most people are creatures of habit. Moving to a different city or country may sound fun in theory, but when it comes down to it, most are still deciding whether to leave their comfort zone. Here are some common reasons why employees don’t want to relocate for work. If your employee seems reluctant about accepting a relocation assignment, you may want to find ways to make the offer more tempting. Take their concerns into account and try to win them over by negotiating and including a competitive relocation package that provides full-service mobility programs.

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Top Coping Tips for Culture Shock During Employee Relocation

Moving to a new city or a country, no matter the reason for your move, is never without a challenge. However, one of the toughest challenges to adjust to is the “culture shock” that comes with moving from one cultural environment to another. In a business environment, culture shock after relocation can negatively impact employee motivation. Due to stress, people who experience culture shock may leave their current roles or withdraw from their coworkers. That’s why we’re listing some of our top coping tips and some of the best methods of preventing culture shock.

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3 Tips to Use When Prepping Your 2023 Relocation Budget

These tips provided on the business relocation budget focus on research, cost competitiveness, and professional expertise. Focusing on these tips will also help guide the employee’s moving process in a positive direction. Identifying the full scope of what the company covers regarding moving expenses are critically important to developing a useful talent mobility program.

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