Slovakia Employment Rules Change for Non-EU Nationals

Slovakia Employment Rules: Slovakia is currently facing a shortage of qualified employees across several industries. To ease this situation, the Slovak government will reduce the restrictive requirements currently in place regarding employment for non-EU nationals starting May 1, 2018.

What are the Slovakia Employment Rules Changes?

Slovakia’s Act on Employment Services will require vacant position notifications to be reported to the Labor Office for twenty business days instead of the current thirty business days. This reduces the overall single permit processing time.

Districts which have average unemployment rates lower than 5% will have a simplified single permit process for occupations with labor shortages. The Labor Office will issue confirmation on filling job vacancies without conducting a local labor market test.

Single permit holders hired without a local labor market test in this simple procedure can only comprise 30% or less of a company’s total employment.

Additionally, new documents must be provided to the Labor Office to support the assignment of a non-EU national from another EU member state. These documents include confirmation of the accommodation for the assignment duration, a copy of Form A1, and a copy of the EU member state’s residence document (if applicable).

What Should Employers Expect?

Employers who have been convicted of illegally hiring foreign nationals in the most recent two year period will not be able to utilize the simple procedure.

Employers should learn about and understand the new simple procedure available in Slovakia. The Employment Rules change may allow employers to hire additional non-EU nationals in a shorter timeframe in order to meet business goals and objectives.

Most companies in Slovakia claim the simple procedures will not result in a massive search for workers outside of EU countries. Currently, the majority of workers in Slovakia who are from countries outside the EU are from Serbia and Ukraine. Half of these employees have a university-level education.


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