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Relocation Technology: Trends Changing the Global Mobility Industry

Modern technology has changed every industry. For the most part, each sector can use technology to its advantage and provide a more seamless customer experience. The relocation industry is no different. Relocation management companies (RMC) each have relocation technology that they try to utilize.

There are different apps, programs, and systems that RMCs can deploy to their customers. But when taking a bid from an RMC to provide your company with global mobility programs, it is essential to ask about their technology specifically. Ask the RMC to provide you with a list of advantages on how their tech tools can help get your employees from point A to point B.

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Immigration Options for Remote Work Policies

Are companies responsible for immigration regulations if their employees live in a different country than the headquarters? For example, does it make a difference if the employee relocates independently or is asked to do so for a global assignment?

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