Travel Ban Expansion is Under Consideration by Trump Administration

The Trump Administration is considering a travel ban expansion. The travel ban arose through Executive Orders and Presidential Proclamations. Presidential Proclamation 9645 suspends entry of foreign nationals into the United States from countries that fail to meet minimum requirements for immigration vetting and screening. The Supreme Court upheld this Proclamation. The Trump Administration believes it is the President’s duty to take action to ensure the safety of the American people.

Countries Currently Covered by Travel Ban and Expected to Continue with Travel Ban Expansion

Currently, the travel ban in place covers seven countries:

  1. Iran
  2. Libya
  3. North Korea
  4. Somalia
  5. Syria
  6. Venezuela
  7. Yemen

There are several points of concern for the Trump Administration with respect to these countries. Issues include deficiencies on management of identities, ability to share information, and various practices and protocols that do not meet minimum requirements to ensure the security of the United States.

Countries That May Be Included in the Travel Ban Expansion

As reported by The Associated Press, up to seven additional countries may be included in the travel ban expansion. These countries might include several that had been noted in earlier iterations of the current travel ban, but were later removed ostensibly to withstand legal objections. Countries that had been noted in the original travel ban but were later removed include:

  1. Chad
  2. Iraq
  3. Sudan

What Does This Mean?

Companies with facilities located in countries that are included in the travel ban expansion may face delays or new requirements for transferees and their family members. Companies that have employees originating from these countries may need to provide additional assistance on issues related to family support services.

Many countries currently included in the travel ban have economies operating on a sub-par or extremely uneven level, as compared to other countries experiencing economic growth. Often these countries face difficult issues including military conflicts and significant out-migration. For example, select metrics show the following economic performance for Iran, Venezuela, and Yemen, all currently included in the travel ban and likely to continue with the travel ban expansion:

Iran Economy

2015 2016 2017 2018
GDP (USD bn) $44. $392 $424 $459
Economic Growth 4.6% -1.3% 13.4% 3.8%
Inflation Rate 14.3% 8.4% 8.2% 7.2%
Public Debt (% of GDP) 11.8% 38.4% 47.5% 39.5%

Source: Focus Economics

Venezuela Economy

2015 2016 2017 2018
GDP (USD bn) $212 $324 $279 $144
Economic Growth -3.9% -6.2% -17.0% -15.7%
Inflation Rate 68.5% 181% 274% 863%
Public Debt (% of GDP) 28.5% 74.7% 92.3%

Source: Focus Economics

Yemen Economy

2015 2016 2017 2018
GDP (USD bn) $33.2 $26.7 $24.8 $28.0
Economic Growth -10.6% -30.3% -14.8% -5.9%
Inflation Rate 8.2% 12.0% -12.6% 24.7%
Public Debt (% of GDP) 48.7% 54.9% 68.0% 76.2%

Source: Focus Economics

What Should Employers Impacted by the Travel Ban Expansion do?

Employers should keep informed about the upcoming travel ban expansion. They should also review the extent of the company’s operations in these countries. They should determine the number of employees that may be impacted by the travel ban expansion and develop communication plans that address points of concern for employees and their family members.


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