United Kingdom Tier 2 General Visas for Migrants Exceed Monthly Quota in December

The United Kingdom Home Office’s Visa and Immigration Bureau reports that Tier 2 General Visas for Migrants exceed the December 1,500 monthly quota, refusing over 100 applications. Most of these applications are eligible for re-submission in January, but the January quota will remain at 1,500, and the February quota will be 1,000.

Who Does This Affect?

What is the Process to Submit a Tier 2 General Visa for Migrants?

Companies must submit an application for RCoS by the fifth of each month. Applicants receive admission by way of a panel of judges. Those applying for occupations that are short of qualified employees, and those applying for jobs at the PhD level are usually the first priority.

Remaining applications receive priority based on salary level, with higher salaries taking preference. However, if a salary bracket receives 100 or more applicants beyond the number of places, all applications are refused, and must be resubmitted the following month.

What are the Monthly Quotas?

Each annual quota is divided on a monthly basis, with higher figures set aside for months with the highest demand. If there are months where a balance remains, it rolls over and adds to the next month. Currently, the monthly quotas are as follows:

  • March: 2,200
  • April through August: 2,000
  • September through January: 1,500
  • February: 1,000

What Does This Mean?

Since the majority of December rejected applications will be re-submitted in January, there is a strong possibility that the applications will exceed January’s quota as well. Employers should plan accordingly, noting that transferees may not be able to accept relocation assignments in the United Kingdom until a later date.


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