By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

September 13, 2022

Here are some common questions about working with a global relocation provider

Moving to a new state for a new job isn’t easy. The relocation process alone can be a daunting task just to think about. All the packing and planning can make anyone stressed out. But to make the process go by with as little fuss as possible, it is highly recommended to work with a relocation specialist. 

If the new job you are moving for provides a relocation package, then there is a good chance that the opportunity to work with a relocation specialist is included. If talent mobility coaching is not provided in your package, it may be worth asking the relocation management company (RMC) that you are working with if one-on-one relocation management is possible to add on. Either way, working with a designated specialist has numerous advantages. 

Here are 3 FAQs and answers about working with a relocation specialist:

1) What Is a Relocation Specialist?

In simple terms, a relocation specialist is assigned to help an employee handle all of the logistics of their move as they prepare to work for their new company. There are a lot of moving pieces when it comes to executing a successful relocation process. A relocation specialist will bring knowledge, expertise, and experience in talent mobility. 

A reliable relocation specialist will be able to explain all aspects of the new company’s relocation package. They can help you review real estate programs, including home buying and selling assistance. As well as assist in coordinating with a moving company to get multiple quotes and schedule which day the movers can show up to move household goods.

2) How Much Do Relocation Specialists Charge?

There is no easy or short answer to this question. It depends upon each employee’s needs and wants when it comes time to move. Global relocation service providers offer a long list of services that can be covered, but it depends on the relocation package the hiring company offers their new employees to move. 

This should be asked by the employee in the negotiation stage of hiring. If the company mentions a move is mandatory for the position, the employee should follow up by requesting a list of relocation costs and services that the company will cover fully or partially. It’s also worth asking how the costs are covered because there are different types of relocation policies. Some companies may offer lump sum relocation packages, others may go the route of old-school reimbursement policies.

3) What’s the Process Like to Work with a Relocation Specialist?

Each RMC will have a different process for domestic and international relocation services. Most relocation specialists will start by hearing all of the employees’ pain points about the move, then proceed swiftly to assist in overcoming those pain points. Each relocation expert will have their own checklist on how to go about handling predestination stages all the way to getting the employee to their first day at the new position, from listing the employee’s current home to getting corporate housing in order, to helping with all the formal paperwork needed for a move. 

The relocation specialist’s main job is to keep the move smooth while keeping the employee’s relocation process on a timeline.

GMS Has Relocation Specialists Ready to Help

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) has been leading the international relocation services industry since 1987. We only hire and work with the best relocation specialists in the business. Our team is thoroughly trained and qualified to help get employees from their current homes to their new destinations. 

GMS provides companies with relocation packages that have options to give each transferee their own relocation coach. This coach will provide one-on-one assistance to the employee they are assigned to in order to make the most seamless relocation experience possible. If you are ready to hear more about our relocation coaching options, please reach out to schedule a free consultation today and always feel free to check out our blog in our Knowledge Base to get any other relocation questions answered.

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