By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

August 23, 2022

Breaking down the standard outline preparation of the relocation process

Relocating for a new job can be an excellent move for both career and personal reasons. New scenery for work and life can provide new growth opportunities. If you accepted a position with a different company, there is probably a lot going through your head. That’s normal, moving can also be a testing process. 


If your new company is providing you and your family with corporate relocation benefits, it’s essential to review all aspects of those benefits to take advantage of each one. 


It is also highly recommended to speak with a representative from the relocation management company (RMC) that your new company works with for their talent mobility needs. Most companies work with an RMC to set up their corporate relocation programs, and RMCs in some cases, will provide one-on-one consultations for all transferees. The point of this is to keep the employee relocation process as understandable as possible. 


Moving to a new job can raise many questions, especially if there is a tight start date with the new company. Of course, the relocation timeline is not always the same for every employee, but some commonalities can be covered to ensure the process can be completed in a timely manner. Here are a few things to review when you are about three to four weeks out from moving to your new destination:

4 Weeks Out

Many corporate relocation packages will include a destination visit. This will give employees a chance to see their new office, maybe do some meet and greets with teammates, and hopefully have time to check out some real estate options. 


When researching places to live, it could be a good idea to add soon-to-be teammates on LinkedIn to ask them about the office building, parking, and commutes from certain areas. As far as housing options go, it would be worth asking the RMC if corporate housing can be utilized. 


Corporate housing options are places where relocating employees can stay anywhere for 30-90 days while they look for their new home. Companies tend to provide corporate housing so that employees are not forced to make real estate decisions on the spot within the four weeks they typically give for their start date. 


This gives you more time to look for a home in which your family will be happy and comfortable. Short-term housing options also allow you to go ahead while kids finish school or your partner finishes their notice at their current job. 


It should also be noted that prepping for household goods to be moved should start almost as soon as the offer letter is signed for your new position. Anything that can be wrapped, boxed, or packed now helps save time before the moving rush hits. 

3 Weeks Out

Once all the major pieces like home buying and selling and packing have been set in motion, it is a good idea to review the budget for the actual move. The relocation timeline moves quickly, you want to make sure you know everything your talent mobility benefits cover so that you do not go over budget. 


A reliable RMC will provide transferees with cloud-based technology so that they can track their move with expenses and receipts in order to stay within budget. Having a platform to track the move also helps the RMC, company, and employees know exactly where they are at in the process. 

The three-week mark is always a good time to plan with the movers. Assure they will be able to come to get your household goods, leaving enough days for them to travel to the new destination and unload. Depending upon your corporate relocation package, there can be different ways to go about paying for movers. Some packages will be through employee reimbursement, other packages will be worked out by the company to have already moving vendors paid for. 

GMS Is a Top RMC Who Is Here to Help

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) is the industry leader when it comes to providing corporate relocation programs. We help companies build, or update, talent mobility packages that are sure to attract the top talent for any job. 


We provide each of our transferees a relocation coach. This coach is a relocation expert who will guide the moving employee every step of the way. On top of personal coaches, we also set every transferee up with a Relocation login. This is a cloud-based platform that assists moving employees track their relocation timeline from start to finish. 


For over 30 years, GMS has assisted companies with their employee relocation needs. If you have any questions, please set up a free online consultation. We will listen to your needs and help you take the best course of action, getting your employees from point A to point B while staying within your budget. 

We're Here to Help! Request a Courtesy Consultation

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