By: Tamara Molino | CRP, GMS

March 1, 2023

Here’s a look at how technology is changing the employee relocation process

Modern technology has changed every industry. For the most part, each sector can use technology to its advantage and provide a more seamless customer experience. The relocation industry is no different. Relocation management companies (RMC) each have relocation technology that they try to utilize. 

There are different apps, programs, and systems that RMCs can deploy to their customers. But when taking a bid from an RMC to provide your company with global mobility programs, it is essential to ask about their technology specifically. Ask the RMC to provide you with a list of advantages on how their tech tools can help get your employees from point A to point B. 

Here is a breakdown of some of the increasing relocation technology trends in the global mobility industry:

VR House Hunting Trips

When working with an RMC to set up relocation packages, often house-hunting trips will be included. Usually, the employee is about to travel to their new destination twice to look at potential new homes and neighbors. But thanks to technology, relocating employees don’t have to cram all their house hunting into one or two trips. 

Virtual reality (VR) home showings have become increasingly popular since the Covid 19 Pandemic. Using ubiquitous 360-degree cameras can be a great way to showcase a property to a potential buyer anywhere, anytime. This tool gives the buyer a panoramic presentation of the house or apartment for sale. 

Many US real estate agencies have begun creating home listings with VR showcasing options. No one will buy a home without looking at it in person first. But at least VR setups can give a moving employee a worthwhile first look at a home they may want to purchase.

AR for Visualization Shopping

When moving to a new destination, setting up your new home or short-term housing option will be top of mind once you get there. That’s where augmented reality (AR) can be of assistance. AR technology combines virtual components to see what a surrounding area will look like if it’s changed. 

The most straightforward example to call out would be furniture shopping. Some apps use AR so that a customer can snap a picture of the area in the new home they hope to put the furniture in to see what it will look like. This is helpful when buying household goods for your new home. 

Another excellent example of how AR tech can be used is if home upgrades have to be made to your property in the new destination. If you want to reconstruct the backyard or remodel a bathroom, apps can give you a great layout of how the project will look once completed.

Cloud-Based Technology to Stay Organized

The most crucial piece of relocation technology that an RMC can provide is a portal where employees, employers, and relocation representatives can live-track the relocation process. Think of it as a portal where all the info on an employee’s move can be kept and accessed. This makes it easy for the employee to stay organized while the employer can track costs and spending. It also serves as a place where the relocation expert assisting the employee with their move can provide information and insight into oncoming steps for the move. 

This is something that every company should ask their RMC about. Using cloud-based technology so that it is up to the moment updated can keep everyone on the same page about any given employee’s relocation.

Doc-Signing Technology

An essential part of relocation is document signing. Numerous vital documents must be signed when someone is relocating—starting with their job offer letter to home buying and selling documents. Technology has made signing documents easy and more environmentally friendly. Gone are the days when you have to print, sign, and mail back stacks of paper. Plenty of apps allow companies and RMCs to review, edit, and sign documents within minutes. This not only saves on paper but saves on the chance of documents getting lost or stolen in the mailing process.

Cost of Living Calculators

When an employee accepts a position in a new destination, one of the first things that may cross their mind is the cost of living factors. Moving to a city that may cost more to live in, will affect the salary and relocation package negotiation. If working with an RMC, mention to them that having a legit cost of living calculator that can give precise numbers can be extremely helpful in the hiring process. 

If an employee can see side-by-side comparisons of the current cost of living vs. where the job is located, they can make a quicker decision. This allows everyone to move on faster, whether the employee accepts the relocation assignment or the company can proceed with other interviews.

GMS Is Always Up to Date on technology

Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) is the leader in the relocation industry regarding technology. Our award-winning customer service team assists employees to relocate seamlessly by utilizing MyRelocation®. 

MyRelocation® is a cloud-based system allowing transferees to track and monitor their relocation through a user-friendly dashboard. Employees can access benefits, communicate with their relocation coach, and stay informed of critical dates. Our tech, which won an award, is a valuable and robust asset for staff, with a user-friendly interface, easy menu layout, and functions.

Please contact us today for a free walk-through of MyRelocation® or a free courtesy call to benchmark your current relocation packages. One of our relocation experts will be more than happy to hear any of your relocation needs and then best assess how we can help you.

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Vice President, Global Services Tammy is responsible for GMS’ regional operations teams in North and Latin America, EMEA, and APAC. Tammy provides over 14 years of leadership experience in the areas of international assignment management, global network management, global consulting and business development. Her experience in global mobility includes new client implementations, policy and compliance development, global compensation and billing, vendor management, case management, and real estate home sale/purchase programs. Tammy travels extensively and studied abroad in Switzerland, Chile, Peru, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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