Does Your Relocation Management Company Have a Business Continuity Plan?

Your company may have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place. This will ensure your organization can continue operating during an unplanned event. Many companies go to great lengths to ensure essential business functions continue regardless of what kind of disruption may occur.

Do you know if your Relocation Management Company (RMC) has a similar document to ensure they can provide essential services? RMCs should have a BCP so they can assure their clients that relocation services will continue during any possible situation that could cause disruptions.

What Situations Might Cause a Disruption for Your RMC?

It is impossible to list every possible disruption that your RMC may encounter. However, a few specific situations illustrate the importance of ensuring your RMC can continue operations according to their Business Continuity Plan.


Relocations often are subject to adverse weather conditions. Household goods shipments as well as travel plans may face delays due to severe storms such as hurricanes, blizzards, and ice storms. Severe weather can cause destruction of transportation networks and storage facilities. In 2017, the United States endured 16 destructive weather and climate events that each caused over a billion dollars of damage, including floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

Human Error

Any business is subject to human error. However well-intentioned, simple mistakes could cause significant issues for transferees, new hires, and your company. Your RMC should have sufficiently secure processes and systems in their Business Continuity Plan to prevent human error from causing huge and costly issues for your business.


A cyber-attack is when one or more computers launch an attack against another computer, several computers, or an entire computer network. The goal may be to disrupt service. Alternatively, the goal may be to gain information. Your RMC will likely have access to some of your company and transferee’s data. As a result, their BCP should include plans regarding the impact of cyber-attacks.

What Should Your RMC Include in Their Business Continuity Plan?

Every BCP should include basic information that tells the RMC what the plan includes, and how to implement the plan. Major points to look for:

  1. Contact information for the organization and employees who will implement the BCP
  2. Revision and change management for the BCP
  3. Business Continuity Plan purpose and scope of the plan
  4. Specific instances that indicate when users should activate the BCP
  5. Emergency organizations including contacts and responsibilities
  6. Information on insurance and other policies
  7. Procedures with detail so users have guidelines for how they should proceed
  8. Clear diagrams to show how the business will proceed
  9. Helpful checklists to remind Business Continuity Plan users what they should do
  10. Plan for reviewing, testing, and revising the BCP on a regular basis

What Should Your Company Do?

Your company should contact your RMC and ask for their Business Continuity Plan. Be sure the plan covers all of the major points noted herein. The plan should have details regarding continuity in the face of unplanned events regarding weather, human error, cyber-attacks, and other issues including supplier work stoppages, security concerns, and natural disasters.


Global Mobility Solutions’ team of global relocation experts has helped thousands of our clients understand the importance of ensuring their RMC has a detailed Business Continuity Plan. We can help your company understand what should be included in a BCP. With this knowledge, you and your transferees can have confidence that relocation services will not face disruption.

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