By: John Fernandez | CRP, GMS, SSB

April 4, 2018

There are many points to consider when it comes time to choose relocation technology for your company and transferees. The choice should provide information that is useful to companies for managing the relocation process, and be easy to use for transferees as they go through their relocation.

A good way to start determining how to choose relocation technology is to examine what is most important to departments that need information from the solution. Talk to internal stakeholders and document their most pressing data needs. Keep track of the topics and then create a chart to see if multiple departments have similar data needs. This is similar to creating a gap analysis, and will provide clarity and identity areas in need of attention.

With the gap analysis in hand, you can easily determine the parameters a relocation technology should provide. At a minimum, you should choose relocation technology that will provide the following:

Reports and Processes

  1. A full range of customizable reports to give all stakeholders information they need

Look for a relocation technology that provides advanced financial reporting and the ability to create custom reports on demand. Stakeholders will be able to design reports that provide the exact information they need to manage the process, whether it is expense accounting, benefit administration, or location-specific reporting for international residency compliance.

  1. Easy to use processes for transferees to access helpful information and report expenses

Choose relocation technology that has a good user interface. The interface should have easy to find options and menu choices that are quickly and easily understandable. Transferees on the go should be able to submit expenses quickly and anticipate fast reimbursements with a solution that has a built-in approval process.

Integration and Scalability

  1. Integration into company systems such as payroll and benefits

Relocation technology should be easily integrated into company systems to eliminate duplication of information and non-value added processes such as data rekeying. An integrated solution will utilize the same company data sources so information is based on company records and is instantly updated when company data is updated.

  1. Scalability so as your company grows, the solution can easily grow with your relocation program

A relocation technology should be scalable so you can add new transferees as needed. As your company grows, the relocation technology should accept new initiations easily and quickly. It should also have the ability to access resources and information on a global basis. This ensures that as your company’s needs and locations change, information is readily available to help transferees.

Security and Platform-Neutral

  1. Choose relocation technology with full data security and compliance

Any relocation technology must provide full data security and compliance to ensure the safe transmission of information. Look for a solution that provides encryption during use and controlled access. This ensures company and transferee information cannot be accessed, viewed, or compromised. The solution provider should have a publicized privacy policy. Their privacy policy should clearly define their responsibilities and the actions undertaken to ensure data security.

  1. A platform-neutral solution so users can access the technology from any device, anywhere

Choose relocation technology that is fully platform-neutral. This allows users to access the solution at a desktop, a tablet, a mobile phone, or a laptop without losing any functionality. This ensures users have the most flexibility in how they access the technology.


When you identify each stakeholder’s important parameters, you can easily choose relocation technology by identifying if the solution meets the minimum provisions noted above. The corporate relocation experts at Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) understand relocation technology and can help your company find a robust solution that not only meets identified parameters, but exceeds your expectations for functionality, service, and flexibility.

Contact our team of experts to discuss how we can help you choose relocation technology that provides everything your company and transferees need, or call us directly at 800.617.1904 or 480.922.0700 today.

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