By: Sam Hoey | CRP, GMS

February 6, 2020

Choose Topeka is a new incentive program that will draw new residents to Topeka and Shawnee County, Kansas. The program begins in 2020 with a public launch and full promotion. The incentives are performance based. As a result, new residents will become eligible after residing in the community for one year.

The program arose from a partnership between GO Topeka and local Topeka businesses. Over the past year, organizers have been working to develop the program and marketing materials to reach a wide audience. GO Topeka focuses on creating economic opportunities and growing the local business climate. The Joint Economic Development Organization has an agreement for services with GO Topeka. Both organizations are working together on the Choose Topeka incentive program.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for Choose Topeka?

The Choose Topeka incentive program is to help draw employees to work at local businesses. Therefore, the eligibility requirements center on meeting the needs of local employers and full-time positions:

  1. Participants must be eligible to work in the US
  2. Program requires participants to move to Topeka for a full-time position
  3. Employers must participate in the program for participants to receive matching funds
  4. Participants must purchase or rent a home in Shawnee County within a year of their hire and move to the area

What are the Benefits for Participants in Choose Topeka?

The benefits for participants in Choose Topeka are generous, and apply to both the participant as well as to the employer.

Participant Benefits

Up to $15,000 in funds in Year 1

  • Renting: $10,000
  • Home Purchase: $15,000

Source of funds: GO Topeka/Joint Economic Development Organization (JEDO) and Employer, match at 50%

Employer Benefits

  • Employer fully funds $10,000 up to $15,000 with employee transfer
  • After Year 1, GO Topeka/JEDO reimburse up to $5,000 ($10K) or $7,500 ($15K) to employer for employee retention

The Choose Topeka incentives are based on performance. Employees must move to the community and reside for at least one full year before becoming eligible. Only primary residences are eligible for the incentives. The incentives may be used for all expenses related to moving.

What is the Goal of Choose Topeka?

The goal of Choose Topeka is to draw up to 60 new residents and their families to the city. Employers will gain new workers with requisite skills. Also, several industries will receive economic benefits as the new residents move in and purchase locally.

GO Topeka estimates the total local economic impact of the Choose Topeka incentives to be:

  • Over $2.14 million/Year 1
  • Up to $11.38 million/By Year 5

What Should Employers do About Choose Topeka?

Companies in Topeka and the surrounding Shawnee County area that have growth initiatives may be able to leverage the Choose Topeka incentives in their talent acquisition and relocation programs. Companies should examine their plans for corporate expansion. They should also consider participating in the Choose Topeka incentive program to gain the matching funds provided by GO Topeka/JEDO.

Many other US locations offer similar moving incentives. As a result, companies should leverage GO Topeka’s 2020 marketing and promotional efforts for the Choose Topeka incentive program into their employee recruitment efforts.


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