By: Tamara Molino | CRP, GMS

June 26, 2018

Shanghai has streamlined the procedures for highly skilled foreign experts to get their residence permits, easing foreign expert residency. This is the city’s latest measure to attract and retain top international talent. The initiative in Shanghai is the first and only measure of its type in China. It simplifies the application process, and establishes a globally competitive talent system.

What are the key features of the initiative?

National and local authorities who manage human resources or the affairs of foreign experts will identify the highly skilled foreign professionals who may benefit from the initiative. Those eligible can visit an online portal to submit their documents. Permits will be available after three working days from the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau.

The new procedure is a large improvement from the previous process. Previously, applicants had to visit exit-entry offices in person. They also had to participate in interviews and provide supplementary materials. The average application took seven working days for completion.

Who is eligible under the initiative?

Highly skilled professionals employed by over 8,000 companies which are viewed as key leaders in Shanghai’s quest to become a global technological innovation hub by 2030. The enterprises include high-tech and new technology companies, financial companies, strategic emerging fields, regional headquarters of multinational companies, and research and development centers that include foreign investment.

What should employers expect with this initiative?

Employers who have plans to hire highly-skilled foreign professionals for positions in Shanghai should expect an easier entry process.

What should employers do?

Employers should review their hiring plans for foreign professionals in Shanghai to determine eligibility under the new initiative. They should also use the features of the new initiative within their relocation program and talent recruitment materials to attract and retain highly-skilled professionals.


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