By: Tamara Molino | CRP, GMS

August 23, 2016

Global Assignment Success – Moving top talent from one location to another has many hurdles. Global relocation has its own set of unique challenges. Of them, overcoming language and cultural differences are two of the most important. Without an understanding of how to properly communicate with business contacts in a host country, your transferees will not be able to accomplish anything positive and will not be effective ambassadors of your company. Austrian-British philosopher, Ludwig Wittgenstein explained, “The limits of my language means the limits of my world.”

To overcome these obstacles and have global assignment success, companies with global reach enroll their transferees in cultural and language classes. By having talent properly prepared, companies understand that their transferees will be able to immediately communicate with contacts upon arriving in their host countries. This has been proven to reduce limitations for transferees and increase the success of global assignments.

Individualized instruction can range from a self-paced, online class to live, instructor-led, virtual session. Not only can the employee take the course, but the whole family can engage in the training. Group lesson for employees are typically offered on site at a company’s facility or a physical location of the company’s choosing.

Companies value metrics and want to see their employee’s progress. Many programs have trainers who track the student’s progress at regular intervals and report it back to the company. Cultural and language training providers benchmark progress to internationally recognized assessment scales, such as the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) scale. Instructors are trained to administer assessments on the four major language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. Evaluations are also a key component to our philosophy of continuous improvement.

As a leader in the corporate relocation industry, Global Mobility Solutions (GMS) offers an array of cultural and language training options. To learn about how GMS can prepare your global transferees for success, please read our PDF.

Vice President, Global Services Tammy is responsible for GMS’ regional operations teams in North and Latin America, EMEA, and APAC. Tammy provides over 14 years of leadership experience in the areas of international assignment management, global network management, global consulting and business development. Her experience in global mobility includes new client implementations, policy and compliance development, global compensation and billing, vendor management, case management, and real estate home sale/purchase programs. Tammy travels extensively and studied abroad in Switzerland, Chile, Peru, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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